Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

This Rose was from a co-workers gift for Administratve Assistant Day one year.  The whole bouquet was just gorgeous and I took quite a few pictures of it.

The Ten on Tuesday topic for 8/31 is 10 Ways to Lighten Your Mood.

1)  Chocolate - Plain old Hershey Kisses are the favorite, M & M's would be second.
2)  Ice Cream - Chocolate, Cookie Dough, anything Skinny Cow
3)  Read a mindless slighty trashy (or all trashy)  novel - a mindless romance will do fine.
4)  Knit - Something that you love knitting.
5)  Play on Ravelry - searching out new projects
6)  Play with the kitties - they love a laser toy I bought them.
7)  Text a friend - I have one friend that always makes me laugh.
8)  Watch some Tennis -It's US Open time, if no tennis, baseball or College basketball will do.
9)  Listen to a Podcast, there are so many good ones out there now.
10) Check out puppies on the internet, decisions are so tough.

Baby sweater should be done tonight, less than 6 rows to go.  Red Scarf Project is about 7 inches along, long way to go but I get a few inches done every day at lunch.

I can't wait for the long weekend.  I will probably start a new project, most likely the leg warmers as I need to make three pairs and I need to get my tester ones done and to the recipient to try them out.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Still Knitting....

This is Azzu's shawl.  I am further along now.  It is about 122 rows or so and I am on 80 something.  It is now my home knitting.  Daybreak is done and blocking.  I also picked up the baby sweater and knit a sleeve this afternoon.  I have started the second one and hope to finish that one by Tuesday night.  My work knitting is now a Corrugator Scarf out of some Plymouth Encore I bought a few weeks ago.  It is for the Red Scarf Project.  It's a nice easy work project and we are on our last week of summer hours so after labor day I am back to full hour lunchs.  This should be finished before the end of September.

Next up with be some holiday gifts.  I think the Azzu shawl will go to a friend of mine or my hairdresser as I don't think I am going to get to the shawl I was originally planning for this year.  I may save that one for next year.  I also want to make her two daughters leg warmers.  I have a co-worker whose daughter is between the hairdresser's two in age so I usually make her my guinea pig.  Last year I made her a Calorimetry and then didn't end up making them for the other two girls.  The co-worker measured her while she was sleeping one night so I hope to start those once as the baby sweater is done.  They shoudn't be too hard to make, just tubes.

We are supposed to have a heat wave this week so knitting smaller things will be nice.  Have a great week!  I can't belive summer is almost over already.  Went by very fast.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

The Ten on Tuesday topic for 8/24 10 Things You Would Tell a College Freshman or Things You Wish You Had Known When You Started College.  I am going with the first one.  My niece and nephew didn't go to college so I didn't get to tell them anything and I couldn't think of 10 thing I wish I had known.  My mind is just overworked lately at work and I can't think when I am home.

1) Enjoy your time in college, you might miss it when you get into the working world.
2) Text books are expensive, look for used ones.  It's amazing what they cost now, even used.
3) Don't fall for the credit cards the companies try to get you take. 
4) Put aside some emergency money.
5) Get some sleep, you can party another day.  I'm always tired so I had to throw this one in.
6) Try to not live on junk food.  Supposedly, the food has improved at the colleges now.
7) Your room will be small, but bring a few items that remind you of home.
8) Don't ignore you friends if you meet a guy, you want them around when the guy is not anymore.
9) If you are unsure of your major, take all the basics that you need anyway and explore different courses.
10) Take a class that you wouldn't orignally think of, it might surprise you.

Down to the wire on Daybreak.  I think I am going to stop at the medium size, not sure if I will have enough yarn for the larger border, plus I counted wrong so less than 10 rows to go.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

A little knitting

Here's Daybreak almost done.  I think I have less than 20 rows left.  It depends if I want to make the border for the large or the medium.  The rest of it fits the medium pattern but if I have enough yarn I just may do the larger border.  Still working on the same lunch project., only got to do about 2 rows a day.  I have to start the sleeves for the baby sweater this week as I want that done by labor day so I can start some other gifts.

I didn't get any kniiting done this weekend.  Good thing I did some on Friday.  I was finishing up a book that has to go back to the library and also reading some magazines my mother had that our neighbor gave to her.  Today is mostly laundry day but that is almost done.

It's going to be a rainy beginning of the week so maybe I will get more knitting done.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Little Bird

This little bird was in a bush outside of our front window around the middle/late July.  There is a bird feeder near the bush but this little one was hidden down in the bush.  He/she had soft fuzzy looking feathers.

As you can tell, no new FO's at all.  I still haven't worked on the baby sweater at all.  I started the border on the Daybreak shawl last night, 28 long rows to go.  I worked on that this weekend as I was down to the end of the Silk Garden Lite and wasn't sure how many rows I was going to get out of it.  I have a lot of the Silky Wool that is the other yarn so I was measuring out how much to do one row with the Silky Wool so I would only have to rip out one row instead of 3 or 4.  I had a small amount left of the Noro and finished two rows more than I had orignally thought so that was good.  The work shawl is slowly coming along, I think I am going to give it to my hairdresser.  I loved the yarn in the skein but not sure I would wear it now that it is knitting up and I know she would like the colors.

Other than the small amount of knitting I have been doing, I have been reading some more of the Uglies/Pretties/Specials series of young adult books along with some dog books.  Glad to be done with Specials, don't think I will read the next one as it has new characters in it and I kept reading these to see what happened to them.  I have a bunch of library books now to finish up before the end of the month.

I did some pattern searching and got some yarn together for some scarfs for the Red Scarf Project.  I hope to get two done but may have to settle for just one this year.  They make a good project for when I need to have an easy project for a small amount of time as the shawls get harder to work on when time is limited as the rows are so long.  Haven't started my holiday knitting yet and really need to, I have been planning so that is good. The weather has been cooler the last few days which has made me want to knit more. 

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

This was taken in Stonington, CT on Saturday.  Looks like the boat was pushing a raft/float.  The water looked lovely.  We were in a parking lot that is next to their beach.  The fair was nice, a beautiful day, weatherwise.  Lots of people at the fair, plus lots of cute dogs and a pretty good band.

The Ten on Tuesday Topic for 8/9 is 10 Reasons To Love Bacon.

Hmm, a hard one for me this week. I try not to eat any red meat or pork (usually the only time is knit camp). I do eat chicken and fish. I eat bacon once a year at knitting camp and after being sick the last day this year, I may cross it off my list for next year.

But anyways, here goes:

1) Nice crispy bacon does taste good.
2) Little piglets are cute.
3) Bacon bits - yummy on a salad, not that I have had this in years.
4) My, I am having a brain freeze, can't think of anything else
5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)  Go to Carole's blog and read the rest of them.  I am sure everyone else came up with some great lists.

Still knitting the same things.  I feel like I am never going to finish a knitted item again.  Too many other things I am doing at night instead of knitting.

Have a great week.  Tomorrow is Field Day at work with a picnic and a bunch of games that some of the staff made.  Should be interesting.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Turbulent Indigo FO

Here's Turbulent Indigo out of a skein of Mini Mochi.  The pattern is a freebie by Through the Loops.  Knit lengthwise, the rows are long but it was a fun knit.  I knit on it at Knit Camp in July.  The yarn feels yummy but split a little.  Wasn't too bad for a one skein project.  This one will probably be a gift.  I have another single skein so may make another one.

We did got to the Stonington fair.  There were more vendors than usual and parking was hard to find.  My father let my mother and I out of the truck about 2 blocks away and then he went to find a parking spot.  The day was perfect, we found a place to sit (the vendors were using most of the benches that the fair goers used to sit on so we were lucky to find a spot) so we people watched and waited.  There were tons of doggies around, all very cute.  They had a very good bank playing and I am sorry I didn't pick up their CD as I have no idea who they were.  I think they were a local band.  I bought 3 books and that was about it.  We then went down near the beach there and parked and watched the boats.  There was a group of 6 dune buggys from NY that came and parked for a few minutes.  I didn't get a good picture but others came over to them to take pictures and ask about them.  We then went to eat and then to use up some time as we were having ice cream for dinner, we went to a nature preserve or something, there were boaters and kayakers and a beach you could walk to but we just sat and watched the boaters.  We stopped at the dinasaur store (a nature shop (with a dinasaur walk) mostly for kids but they have a gift shop with some nice jewelry and a room of beads for beaders).  We then went for ice cream and back to the cottage.  I had a sinus headache which was bugging me on and off all day so it was nice to just sit and relax at night.

Still knitting on Daybreak and the baby sweater at home (though haven't touched the sweater in a while) and the Azzu's shawl at work.  I am about out of my contrast yarn for Daybreak, maybe two more rows then I will be on the border.  The baby sweater just needs the sleeves and I need to start them this week so it can be done before labor day.  I am not starting anything more till I finish one of these and the baby sweater will be the quickest so I need to get going on it.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

The above picture wasn't taken on vacation but it was taken in Stonington, CT.  They have a fair the first weekend of August and I will be there this Saturday, weather permitting.  So far, weather looks good.  They have a tag sale, some crafts, a large book sale (which is what I head to though last year's purchases are still in the tote bag I brought them home in) and we (my parents and I) usually eat one of the restaurants in the town.  My parents have been going for years to this fair, I think I have been going the past 5 or so.  Before we actually leave Stonington, we drive to a parking area near their beach and that is where the picture above was taken one year.

The Ten on Tuesday topic for August 3rd is 10 Things To Bring on Vacation.

Since I went on vacation to Knitting Camp in early July, here is some of what I brought with me.

1) Knitting - 5 projects worth, only worked on 2 of them.
2) A Good Book - don't think I opened it but if I wasn't at knitting camp, I would have.
3) Magazines - don't think I brought any but for a regular vacation, would have brought some to look at.
4) A camera - Brought, didn't use.
5) Clothes and Toiletries
6) Snacks and Drinks
7) A Fan - Even with the heat, I never took it out of the car.
8) A comfy chair - love my folding chair
9) My new little pop up table - loved my new table, yeah for Cabela's.
10) Money - this I spent, on yarn and other stuff.
I can't believe it is already August.  Maybe it is time for another vacation.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Lady Bertram Shawlette

This is the Lady Bertram Shawlette by Wendy Johnson of Wendyknits.  It was a fun knit.  The yarn is the extra ball of Berocco Ultra Alpaca Fine that I had needed to finish off my Citron.

Still knitting on Daybreak and the Baby Sweater.  The new yarn came for the baby sweater so I finished the body and will probably start the sleeves this week.  I had started a shawl (Azzu's Shawl out of some Araucania Ranco Multi that I bought last week) during the week and that will now be the work knitting.  The Daybreak rows are getting longer and it was getting close trying to finish two rows during my abbreviated lunch hour.  One more month of summer hours and it is back to the nice, hour long knitting lunch every day. 

It's been much nicer out this week (no humidity) and it's been nice not to have to turn on the AC.  My co-worker and I did go to the outlets on Friday.  We had fun shopping and had lunch at Denny's.  Next time, I think I will take her to another place between the two outlets.  Saturday, I went to the yarn shop in Deep River and then my parents wanted to go the the mall (my father wanted something at Macy's) near their cottage.  The restaurant we wanted to go to at the mall had closed so we decided to go to this diner we go to once a year.  It has changed hands and had a new name and a makeover inside.  It was good so wasn't a disappointing dinner.  Today, it was knitting and laundry and back to work tomorrow.