Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Olivia RIP 8/12/2008

I woke this morning to my kitty Olivia not being able to get up or move a lot. I am not sure how she got into the kitchen where I was making my lunch and breakfast but I turned around and she was crying on the floor. I called in to work and called the vet, then called them back and told them she needed to come in sooner. Not a good day, she is no longer with me but I hope she is in a better place. My father is going to bury her in the backyard and I plan to plant some flowers there. She was only 10 or so and had just been to the vet last week where they thought she had a cold and an eye infection. Now, they think it may have been a blood clot in her head and she went into cardiac arrest twice while at the vet.

I had a friend years ago whose mother fed stray cats. They were slowly catching them and getting them fixed and finding them new homes. The friend had talked me into taking Olivia as the mother cat had abandoned her and she was about 6 months old when I brought her home. She never grew and was 7 lbs. She mostly just liked me and it took me being away for her to let my father or niece feed her. I am just so sad right now. She was my favorite cat ever and in the winter she liked to sit with me while I knit.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Ravelympics - Dean Street Hat

This is my Dean Street Hat. This one is only entered in Ravelympics not a team or event. They didn't stick when I first set up my project page and we had storms a few nights last week when I was planning on double checking my projects. I still have another Dean Street hat and a One Day Beret entered in the Hat Dash for Team Junkie. The One Day Beret is also started.

Other than that, I have to make Edgy by Susan Lawrence from Knotions. I bought some Louet Sport Weight yarn on Saturday to make it. I also bought my Jamieson's for the Druid mittens. They both are in greenish tones.

The rest of the knitting (Ene's, the sweaters, the lunch knitting scarf) are all on hold till I finish at least 2 of the hats. The One Day Beret should be finished this week. The Dean Street hat will be lunch knitting but that won't be much this week. I have a Dr. appt tomorrow so there will be no lunch. Wednesday I have a work lunch and dinner so no knitting will be done that day or night.