Sunday, August 29, 2010

Still Knitting....

This is Azzu's shawl.  I am further along now.  It is about 122 rows or so and I am on 80 something.  It is now my home knitting.  Daybreak is done and blocking.  I also picked up the baby sweater and knit a sleeve this afternoon.  I have started the second one and hope to finish that one by Tuesday night.  My work knitting is now a Corrugator Scarf out of some Plymouth Encore I bought a few weeks ago.  It is for the Red Scarf Project.  It's a nice easy work project and we are on our last week of summer hours so after labor day I am back to full hour lunchs.  This should be finished before the end of September.

Next up with be some holiday gifts.  I think the Azzu shawl will go to a friend of mine or my hairdresser as I don't think I am going to get to the shawl I was originally planning for this year.  I may save that one for next year.  I also want to make her two daughters leg warmers.  I have a co-worker whose daughter is between the hairdresser's two in age so I usually make her my guinea pig.  Last year I made her a Calorimetry and then didn't end up making them for the other two girls.  The co-worker measured her while she was sleeping one night so I hope to start those once as the baby sweater is done.  They shoudn't be too hard to make, just tubes.

We are supposed to have a heat wave this week so knitting smaller things will be nice.  Have a great week!  I can't belive summer is almost over already.  Went by very fast.


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