Sunday, October 26, 2003

My niece' sweater is all done. I found the snowflake buttons I was looking for at Rhinebeck. I still have to eventually block it a little. I picked up my two skeins of yarn at Rhinebeck from Claudia at Countrywool. The colors are just right for what I want. I also bought a Gauge Wizard from the Sweater Wizard people (I have Sock Wizard and Math Wizard which I love) and a small sheep keychain from the Sheep Thrills booth.

I am still working on Whitby. I have started the hats. I made one that has snowmen all the way around it but I didn't like the way it came out so the rest of them will be plain. I don't like the Signature yarn on the recommended needles (for a hat, I would like it for a sweater) so I went down a size. I plan to make a snowman and sew one on the front of each and then the pattern has tassel snowmen to attach to the top so they will each get one of those on top, too. I have one with a rolled rim done and the one I am working on now has a ribbed edge.

I won a Poetry in Stitches kit from Wendy at WendyKnits for her Mouse-a-thon raffle. The kit arrived yesterday, yummy. I will be getting the book for Christmas or my Birthday in the spring.

Sunday, October 12, 2003

The pieces of my nieces sweater are all done. I was going to block before putting together but it is raining and I haven't used the blocking board in years so it needs to be washed. So, I think I will put it together, do the front bands and then block it on the blocking board that my father made me. The blocking board needs a little tweeking and it will be easier to tweek with a sweater on it so I can tell what I want changed.

I am now working away on the Whitby Gansey by Claudia of Countrywool. I had seperated the front and back after doing the gussets and just didn't want to read the charts when doing the front and back in rows instead of circularly which had me cruising along. But, I bit the bullet and did some rows and it is flowing along again.

I am planning a Classic Elite sweater with leaves on it and Claudia was a great help helping me pick an extra red leaf color to go with what I had. She took out a skein of all the colors I had and played with the reds in her shop and then suggested one to me. I will be picking up two (one of a gold, too) skeins at Rhinebeck next weekend. She was a great help as trying to look at the web colors for the yarn and the colors in catalogs wasn't really helping.

I also have to start the hats I have to make for all the little cousins for Xmas. I think I have to make 9 by mid January (they come over then to visit). They will have snowmen on them and snowmen hanging from the top of the hats.
I have the yarn, pattern and needles (2 16inchers so I can have 2 going in different stages) ready to go just have to be in the mood to cast on. I think I will have them going by Saturday for the 2 hour ride to Rhinebeck. I should be able to get a few rows done inbetween leaf peeping.