Sunday, October 24, 2004

The two ponchos are done. I think I will make felted mittens for my hairdresser this year. I think the ones I am planning will blend with the scarf I made her last year. The neckband on the purple one kept flipping over so I made a braid today and sewed it on. I still need to go get the button next Saturday for the neckline on that one. I want to get the same button that I used on my mother's Sophie bag, I think the purple color is close but will check it out before I head a half hour away to go buy one $.50 button.

Here are the ponchos.

I've stopped my nieces sweater after I finished the back, she really doesn't like the feel of mohair (she was here with a mohair sweater on one day) and mentioned it. So, I dug back out the yarn I had planned for the Must Have and started a Knitting Pure and Simple top down cardigan for her. I am about 10 - 20 rows form splitting off the sleeves.

The body of Whitby is done but my 16" size 7 circulars are somewhere where I can't find them. So on Friday, after work, I headed to Fabric Place, no size 7 Susan Bates needles. I wasn't paying $13.50 for Addi's (which I really don't like the feel of, I don't know why) so I bought some patterns and yarn and that was it. Saturday, armed with a 40% off coupon for Joanne's, off I went again. No size 16" needles. Of to a yarn shop near there, only Addi's (Turbo's and Natura's) so home I went. I did order them online today so hopefully, the sleeves will be cast on next weekend.

The Doubleknitski hat will now be my lunch knitting now that the ponchos are done.

I almost forgot, but Rhinebeck was nice. I only saw a few people that I knew, never ran into any of the bloggers that I had hoped to meet. I bought the Lucet that I went there for, some patterns and then went to Sheep's Clothing (the Morehouse Farm store not far away) on the way home. I bought 3 little kits there, a kerchief, a beret, and some mittens that you put felt on after. Plus, I had picked up my order from Claudia of Countrywool at the fair. Now to knit it all up.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

A little bit of this, a little bit of that

The first poncho is done. Just need to sew in the ends and decide about the button I added at the neck and the fringe. I cast on for the second one (which will be in the smallest size) and finished the neck to that. It will be my lunch knitting and should be done in two weeks or less.

I have about 3 inches to do to finish the back of my nieces sweater. Should be done with that this week so I can start the front. I ordered some more yarn (the chunky Lopi like yarn) from Elann to go with some I had and had ordered a mohair blend in case I needed a contrast yarn for my nieces sweater. But, I think I will just have enough of the original yarn and the new mohair will make a lovely lacy scarf most likely also for my niece.

I also worked on Whitby today and did about 6 rows. I have four more of decreasing for the neck and then about 3 or less inches till the body is done. I had hoped to get it done by Rhinebeck next week but will have to plan for next year or Cummington (MA Sheep and Wool) if it happens to be cool and windy next May like it was this past one.

I also started a DoubleKnitSki hat by Alison of the Blue Blog. I made one last year for my father and this year I am making one for my nephew. It is green and tan as that is the Naturespun I had in the basement that I wanted to use up.

Friday, October 01, 2004

Some new, some old

My nephew's sweater is done and he received it the week after his birthday at his party. He liked it and put it right on for his picture. I will probably never see it on him again but that is fine it will keep him warm if he wears it around his mothers house. Here is a picture of my nephew's sweater:

And here is a picture of my mother's Sophie bag.

I have started my nieces sweater which is out of some Austermann mohair that I got from Elann with the free pattern. Fun to knit after I swatched the pattern with another yarn a couple of times.

I have started a poncho from a Berroco pattern using Plymouth Encore yarn for my hairdresser's oldest daughter. I also plan to make one for her 5 month old. They will be Xmas presents for the girls. My hairdresser usually gets a scarf but she might get some felted mittens this year. These will be my lunch hour knitting.

I had also been doing a few rows on Whitby but not in awhile. I will get back to it soon.