Saturday, November 21, 2009

Spiraluscious Cowl

This is the Spiraluscious Cowl by Knitspot.  The yarn is one skein (about 200 yards) of Spirit Trail Fiberworks sock yarn.  The yarn I have had for many years.  Probably the first yarn I ever bought from Spirit Trail.  I needed a quick project to work on in October for a Spinning guild meeting and it took less than a week to knit.  Not sure who is getting it, for now it will go in the bucket of finished goods.

I am still working on my mother's vest and my sister's scarf.  Our office is closed for the week of Thanksgiving and I had already put in for Monday the 30th, so I don't have to go back till December 1st. 

It will be a busy week as Monday, we are getting together with a few of the co-workers who were let go and we are meeting at a co-workers house.  It should be nice, it is a potluck lunch.  Then Tuesday, I plan to go to Knitting Tuesday morning meeting at my favorite yarn shop.  I never get to go so this will be nice.  I hope to go when my office is closed of the Xmas/New Years holiday, too.

I hope to get to knit a bit also and get some holiday shopping done.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Catch Up

For some reason, Blogger won't let me post pictures. Have a few of finished goods.

Have been sick since last post, still have the cough that I had then tough it seems to be a little less every day. Never at night, so sleeping isn't so bad.

I have done almost no knitting. Made my mother about 5 catnip mice for her church. She brought 6 as I had one left from the last time I made them. She sold 5 so next year, I will make her 5 more.

I gave my niece a scarf for her 21st birthday that I had made last year out of Malabrigo lace. My sister commented that she wanted one. I started a Seafoam scarf out of some Ellyn Cooper's Yarn Sonnets merino I had in the stash for her. Not sure if she will like it but too bad. It will become my work knitting.

Still have to make my mother her vest and a vest for me. Another co-worker is expecting his second child so I will make 2 hats for her over the winter. She isn't due till February. The other baby gifts for the winter babys are done so I will enjoy the little hats after the holidays.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Bee Button Baby Cardigan

I had the buttons first and had to make a child's sweater for them. The pattern is a Yankee Knitter pattern. The buttons make it a little hard on the yarn to button them so I will have to pass that on to the new owner.

I have two more projects ready to post. The shawl is still not blocked. Just haven't felt like it.

Yesterday, I woke with a cough but spent the day at the outlets with two friends. Came home tired from all the walking with the cough and a headache and went to bed early. I must have not felt well as I didn't even stay up to watch the Yankee game. Today, I added the runny nose to the cough. Have slight headache but it is mostly around my nose and sinus's. Yech, just want a need is a cold. I don't get a bad one that often so I shouldn't complain. I already had a stomach bug last spring so I hope my bugs are done for the year.

I have cast on my mother's vest but haven't gotten past the garter stitch band. At work, I have been making a few catnip mice for my mother's church fair and some for my cats. I found out about another new baby coming so I am planning a hat for that one. I have a vest already to start for me but I can't find the stitch markers I need so I ordered some more and they should arrive in a week. I really need to get a good start on my mother's anyway so maybe this week, I can buckle down.