Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

The Ten on Tuesday topic for 4/30 is 10 Things You're Looking Forward to in May.

1) Changing my winter for Spring/Summer clothes.
2) More flowers in the flower garden.
3) Opening the windows in the house and leaving them open.
4) Driving with the windows and sunroof open.
5) A nice, long Memorial Day weekend.
6) Socks - the Hazel Knits knitalong and the Three Bags Fulled Sign of Four sock knitalong.
7) Walking at the high school with a co-worker.
8) More Saturdays at the yarn shop because of the nicer weather.
9) Taking out the spring/summer shoes and painting the toes pretty colors.
10) Mother's Day - can't wait to give my mother the gift I got her.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

The Ten on Tuesday topic for 4/23 is 10 Favorite Sweater Patterns. I am working on Caissa (shown above) now but the others will follow hopefully in the future. I have yarn already put away for all of them.

1) Caissa by Knitspot - Fun sweater to knit while watching TV.
2) Mork by Julia Farwell-Clay - Have some Ultra Alpaca waiting for this one.
3) Baileys Irish Cream by BabyCocktails - have some Spirit Trail Brigania put away.
4) Vodka Lemonade by BabyCocktails - have some old DK in pink in the stash for this.
5) Neon by Joji Locatelli - have some Berocco Vintage for this.
6) Sambuca  by BabyCocktails - have some BrownSheep Naturespun for this.
7) Vitamin D by Heidi Kirrmaier - have some Austermann Marina that may work.
8)  Rene - I won yarn in a Spirit Trail contest and it is so far destined to become this cardigan.
9) Sprossling by Knitspot - I have 4 yarns put away for 4 Knitspot patterns so I just have to decide  what goes with what.  I also want to make Bel Air,  Henley with a twist and Ondule.
10) One vest Lonicera by Through the Loops that I can't wait to make and I'm sure I have something in the stash that will work.

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Ten On Tuesday

The Ten on Tuesday topic for 4/9 is 10 Things You Always Bring on Vacation.  I go to knitting camp in July.  I won the above wine a few years ago. 

1) Knitting - at least 2 projects but usually an extra just in case one also.
2) Kindle Fire - to play games or read a book
3) Ipod Touch - to play games
4) Cell Phone - to call home and check in
5) Chargers for all - to make sure all the above keep working while I am away.
6) Camera(s) - usually my usual small one but maybe the newer big one, too.
7)  Medicine - my sister gave me an LL Bean accessorie bag with my initials a few years ago.  It fits everything I need (shampoo, medicine, contact stuff, etc.) in it.
8) A Magazine to read while waiting around - this one is usually when I take my parents as I sometimes have a little waiting around time.
9) Snacks - just a few in case I need something.
10) Clothes - I always over pack but am trying to just pack what I need.