Saturday, November 22, 2003

Well, the 9 hats are done. Yippee. I ended up just making them plain, no snowmen at all. For the tops, I made braids and wound them around the top and sewed them down. They kind of look like flowers. The boys are a bit plainer with just braids hanging.

Now I am working on a scarf for my mother based on the Rockstar scarf from Knitty but using Mohair and Wool. I have to tell her not to come into the room when I am knitting it but she usually stick her head in and says "can I come in?" as I try to hide it. I am also going to start another scarf knit longways with leftover yarn from some felted mittens I made a few weeks ago.

I finished a felted bag using some Donegal Tweed plus the Two Old Bags pattern. It is the same one I made for myself and my niece liked it so I made one. She thought it was too big so I threw it in the wash for another felting and now she is happy. I will line it and give it to her for Christmas.

My Whitby is on hold until the presents are done. I also plan to start another sweater for me but one knit in pieces for when I want something more portable to work on as Whitby is all in one piece and I like to do that in one room with the chart handy and all that.