Sunday, September 30, 2007


The top photo is another Multidirectional scarf. It was mailed to the Red Scarf Project, it looked more red in person. The bottom is another Sweet Baby Cap that is going to go to charity.
I have been working on the baby sweater, one sleeve done, I will work more on the other tonight. Then I will just have a few inches more of the body to do.
I work on Hanami on week nights, probably 4 - 6 rows a night so I am way behind on the knit-a-long.
My work knitting is the Spunky Eclectic shawl kit that I bought at MA S&W. I finally just did the lace section my way so that I had the right number of stitches on both sides of the shawl. I may have to start on my gifts at work later on in the week as I am getting a lot of stitches on the needles now and I won't be able to accomplish much during lunch.
I did quite a bit of shopping this weekend, my knit from the stash ended long ago. I bought yarn for some Xmas gifts, enough for a sweater for me, a few books, buttons, some needles. I have to go back once more this week as one shop is having a sale and my mother picked out a scarf from one of my new books and I want to get the yarn. Then, nothing else till Rhinebeck.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

A new project joined the queue

After seeing that Donna started a Sivia Harding project, I had to add one to the queue. I was at a not really that LYS and saw the Malabrigio lace (which I love the feel of) so I bought it and the pattern even though I think I already own the pattern. I have 2 more colors of the Malabrigio in the stash, 2 of a purple and 1 of a turquoise mix (or vice versa) that I picked up at knitting camp in July.
MS3 is on hold. Hanami is on hold while I finish a baby gift. I finished my red scarf for the Red Scarf project. Have to remember to take a picture before I mail that out this week. I started another Sweet Baby cap for charity knitting and donated the first one at a Knitting Guild meeting last week. Now, I need to start 3 scaves for my hairdresser and her two daughters, they will all be the same and the same yarn, too. Usually I just make the girls the same thing and their mother something else. I need to start my list of Xmas knitting so I can start checking some off the list. My mother announced that she wants another felted bag and she wants it a certain way, she has been going through the yarn catalogs pointing ones out that she likes.

Monday, September 03, 2007

The Greenery Hat

This is the Greenery Hat by Lilith's Lair of Lunacy. It was a fun knit. I plan to make another one someday. I have a few yarns picked out but have to start some gifts now and get more work done on WIPs.
It has been a nice long weekend but Saturday was spent shopping at the CT outlets and I haven't spent too much time knitting. I have been reading and watching the US Open and playing around on Ravelry.