Sunday, April 25, 2010

CT Sheet and Wool 2010

My mother decided to go with me again this year to the CT Sheep and Wool festival.  We got a later start and probably got one of the last available parking spaces.  I bought a festival tshirt again this year and the above yarn and patterns.  The darker yarn on the left is by Ball and Skein and is to make Ishbel which I have wanted to make for a long time.  The bright green is also by Ball and Skein and is going to be Argus by Wendy Johnson.  The purple yarn is by Dye Dreams and it is Twinkle Toes sock yarn and it will be Violets Rising socks by Knitspot.  My mother spotted someone selling some Lavender so she was happy and will now be making sachets.

I ran into many people I know so it was a good day.  It is fun to see what everyone is buying.  The Dye Dreams booth was very busy and I had never bought from them before but they were the one booth I was planning on visiting.  We only stayed about an hour and then headed to Target and then home.

My Gloria scarf that was work knitting is now done.  My work knitting now is a baby sweater.  I think this will be the last one for awhile unless I want to make one to put away to be ahead of the baby book that seems to have happened this year.  My Mondo Cable body is done, just need to work on the ribbing around the armholes as mine will be a vest.  I may follow someone on Ravelry and finish up the neck the way they did.  I need to look it up before I decide.  My Knitspot sock is coming along, finished my first short row heel.  I like the look but not the way I picked up the wraps so I will read up on that before I make another pair that way.  I can't wait to try it on and see which heel type I like the best.

I am now looking forward to MA Sheep and Wool Memorial Day weekend.  I have a few ideas of what I want to pick up there and I also have a short list of things I need from Webs on the way home.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

April 18, 2010

I'ts April 18th and my Xmas Cactus is blooming.  I found it entertaining to see it bloom this weekend as I still haven't taken it out of the foil wrapper that advertises it as an Xmas Cactus.  I must have bought it on sale after Xmas and I can't remember if it had a bloom at that time or not. 

Knitting wise, the Openwork Socks by Charlen Schurch out of Berocco Sox are done.  Yeah, next up are some Knitspot socks with a short row heel that I haven't tried yet.  My first three pairs all had a heel flap.

The Mondo Cardi is still coming along.  I must have less than 4 inches to go but I haven't measured it in a while.  Still only managing a few rows a day depending on the draw of the sock.  The Gloria Scarf lunch knitting is still coming along.  I think I am on square 5 or 6 now.  I'm still reading the Yarn Harlot book and am not sure which book will be next.  I have a nice stack of books in the den that I am slowly working my way through.

My sister needed beads and yarn this weekend so we met up around 10 AM on Saturday.  She had to go get her hair cut so that was the first stop.  Then she had to stop at a friends to pick up her scrapbooking order.  Then we stopped for lunch at Rein's Deli which I had heard rave revues about but never been to.  It was interesting, not like I expected at all.  I never saw so many people lined up to sit and eat, do take out or actually work behind the scenes at a restaurant.  From there we hit the bead store where I picked out some beads for some beaded socks in about 5 minutes.  We then spent about an hour for her to pick out some beads to add to a vest she made.  When we finally left there we went to a YS where she scored some Noro for 40% off. (we spotted it a few weeks ago).  I told her it was a good deal and that Noro isn't often on sale around here.  I bought two skeins of some sock yarn that I had never seen before.  We then were supposed to stop at the house of her work friend (she knits) who was having a jewelry show.  My sister thought we could slip in and it would be almost over.  People were late and it didn't start till after we got there.  She dropped me off after that and I had 2 errands to run and got home after 5.  I was exhausted and didn't feel well.  My minor medical procedure from a few weeks ago wasn't the cure the dr thought so now I think I will be visiting a surgeon soon.  Not looking forward to that but this has been an on and off thing since February so I would rather just have it fixed up as I am tired of being in pain.

It's been raining (mostly lightly) the past few days but the sun was in and out today so I went out to visit some tulips that my father planted for me.  I had bought the bulbs from fundraiser for a co-worker's little girl.  They are Apricot color and are starting to open.  I can't wait to see them in full bloom.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Encore Baby Sweater and Hat

Here are the Encore Baby Sweater and Hat.  The baby sweater pattern is a Plymouth Pattern, Patterns for Baby #82260.  The hat is the Little Boy Blue Ribbed Baby Hat.  Both are fun knits.  I dug out some yarn today for another baby gift and am considering doing parts of the other pattern that came with the Plymouth pattern.  Maybe a combination of the two.

I am at the heel on sock number two of my Openwork Rib socks by Charlene Schurch so that should be done by next weekend.

My sister canceled on me on Saturday so I went off to Yarns Down Under in Deep River and worked on my sock.  I bought a copy of the new Knitscene Easy and dug more yarn out of the stash for my mother to make some hats for her church fair or to donate to charity.  They are all Garter stitch which is all she likes to do so that should keep her busy along with her embroidery.

The Mondo Cable is slowly coming along, a few rows a day.  My lunch knitting, the Gloria Scarf is coming along.  I am on square 3 and am doing them seperately, not attaching as I go like the pattern says.  I am working with 2 different dyelots so I am going to play around with attaching them when I am done.  The pattern calls for 8 and I am managing 1 or 2 a week depending on if I am taking lunch at work.  I don't see any appointments this week so should be able to finish 3 and 4 this week.

I finished reading Crazy Aunt Purl's "Home Is Where The Wine Is' today.  I sat here laughing out loud today as I read it.  Now I am reading the Yarn Harlot's last book which has been sitting around waiting for a long time.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter!

Tulips from my ex-brother in law.  He brought 4 planters of tulips, I got purple, my mother got pink, my sister got purple and my niece took pink.  He stops over every Easter (and sometimes Christmas day) to see his kids (and my parents also) and has started bringing flowers every year.  Tulips are my favorite so I love these. 

Knitting wise, I finished the baby hat so pictures soon of the sweater and hat.  I finished the heel on sock 1 of the Berocco Sox yarn.  The Mondo Cable Cardi is slowly coming along.  I started a Gloria Scarf (Lion Brand pattern I wandered across on Ravelry) for lunch knitting as I needed something quick and didn't have time to go through the stash in the cellar.  I wound some Great Adirondeck yarn (that was in a hassock in the den) and quickly started that.

No shopping this weekend except a few Loopy Ewe boxes that arrived this week.  I had to have a minor procedure done at the dr on Friday as they fit me in but it left me in pain and no desire to go anywhere.  I felt bad as my niece wanted me to go shopping for some stuff for her new apartment Saturday but I was in pain and didn't feel up to it.  Hopefully, it will all be healed up for the coming weekend as my sister is ready to go looking for beads and more yarn on Saturday morning.

I hope everyone has a great week.  The weather is due to be nice till the end of the week.  I have off tomorrow but will be back at work on Tuesday so I hope to get some more knitting done tomorrow.