Sunday, August 08, 2010

Turbulent Indigo FO

Here's Turbulent Indigo out of a skein of Mini Mochi.  The pattern is a freebie by Through the Loops.  Knit lengthwise, the rows are long but it was a fun knit.  I knit on it at Knit Camp in July.  The yarn feels yummy but split a little.  Wasn't too bad for a one skein project.  This one will probably be a gift.  I have another single skein so may make another one.

We did got to the Stonington fair.  There were more vendors than usual and parking was hard to find.  My father let my mother and I out of the truck about 2 blocks away and then he went to find a parking spot.  The day was perfect, we found a place to sit (the vendors were using most of the benches that the fair goers used to sit on so we were lucky to find a spot) so we people watched and waited.  There were tons of doggies around, all very cute.  They had a very good bank playing and I am sorry I didn't pick up their CD as I have no idea who they were.  I think they were a local band.  I bought 3 books and that was about it.  We then went down near the beach there and parked and watched the boats.  There was a group of 6 dune buggys from NY that came and parked for a few minutes.  I didn't get a good picture but others came over to them to take pictures and ask about them.  We then went to eat and then to use up some time as we were having ice cream for dinner, we went to a nature preserve or something, there were boaters and kayakers and a beach you could walk to but we just sat and watched the boaters.  We stopped at the dinasaur store (a nature shop (with a dinasaur walk) mostly for kids but they have a gift shop with some nice jewelry and a room of beads for beaders).  We then went for ice cream and back to the cottage.  I had a sinus headache which was bugging me on and off all day so it was nice to just sit and relax at night.

Still knitting on Daybreak and the baby sweater at home (though haven't touched the sweater in a while) and the Azzu's shawl at work.  I am about out of my contrast yarn for Daybreak, maybe two more rows then I will be on the border.  The baby sweater just needs the sleeves and I need to start them this week so it can be done before labor day.  I am not starting anything more till I finish one of these and the baby sweater will be the quickest so I need to get going on it.


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