Monday, July 26, 2004

Well, I am almost up to the armholes on my nephews sweater. It came home with me last night as I decide if I am going to make the vest or sweater version. I have been buying a bunch of patterns lately to use up some stash yarn and I have one for a hooded pullover. I may have enough left of the yarn from his sweater to make a hooded pullover for him, his sister and me. I bought a ton of this chunky acrylic through someone who was selling out a yarn shop (through the swap list years ago) and this will about finish it all up. So far, I have made about 6 or 7 sweaters out of the yarn I bought.

Tina is out for my niece, I didn't like the way it was coming out. Instead, she is getting a tank from a FC Easy Knitting magazine. I am about an inch or two from the armholes and I am doing the front and back at the same time. It is kinda low cut so I plan to change that when I get to that section.

My niece's Sophie bag is done and I was planning on sewing in the lining this weekend but I didn't have the right color thread with me so that will be getting sewn in during the next 2 weeks. I am not sure I like the zipper I sewed in so that may come out. It was a different type of zipper than the others I used and doesn't seem to zip as nicely but that may change when I pin it into the bag better and try again.

I started the orange Sophie bag for my mother but only did a few rows. Whitby will be getting worked on now through Wednesday before it becomes humid here again.

Monday, July 12, 2004

The red grape lace weight is done and drying. It is actually a 2400 yard skein of Moriah that I got from Woodland Woolworks many years ago. It looks gorgeous.

I did start my nephews sweater. It is a Design by Louise pattern. It called for size 10 1/2 needles. I checked my needles and had some addi's (I think) that were 10 1/2 on the package but actually 7 mm where the other 10 1/2 are actually 6.5 mm. I got out my two needle gauges and looked through a few catalogs and decided to wait until I could actually get some 6.5's. So, Sunday morning I went off to Colchester Fabric Mill and got some Susan Bats as I knew they carried them. I now have about 3 - 4 inches done on the body and have left the sweater at my parents cottage to be my weekend knitting. I did also buy 2 small buttons for my Judy Pascale bag.

The bag linings and buttons are sewn on. Both bags look so cute.

Here is the Judy Pascale Elongated Beaded Bag -

Here is the Green Sophie Bag -

I also haven't made any decisions on my niece's sweater but I did rip out Tricot. I plan on eventually making her Tina by Berroco out of the CottonEase, a Fiber Trends T-shirt out of Cotton Fleece and another tank out of CottonEase. Not sure which I want to start first.

Friday, July 09, 2004

I got my order from Countrywool which included lots of Cushing Dyes and some Hot Markers. The Hot Markers are so neat. They look like little elastics but the smallest ones are smaller than any other markers I have and will be great the next time I use my size 4 or smaller needles. They would have been perfect for my Elongated Bag by Judy Pascale that I made out of Koigu. I hope to have pictures on my website next week sometime. Yesterday, I dyed some more of the brownish-gray roving I had a lovely Rust shade. Yummy rust color. It is now drying. Today the turkey roaster is holding some Red Grape and a 1400 yard skein of lace weight off white wool yarn. It is now a gorgeous color. Yummmy!

My niece's Sophie is done and now drying. It is a teal yarn that I got in the Knitting Guild auction. It felted beautifully though it took 2 times through the washer where the Cascade 200 took one. Now have to start my mothers orange Cascade 220 one. I may wait till I go the LYS where I got the yarn and grab another skein.

I also finished the Beaded Bag by Judy Pascale. The linings are sewn for the Beaded bag and the Sophie bag and I hope to sew them in this weekend. I put zippers in both linings. For handles for the Beaded Bag, I went through all my smaller pursed that had leather or leather looking straps that hooked on. I bought some little metal things at JoAnnes and will sew them into the bag and then hook the strap on.

I think I may drop Tricot for my niece and make her a Tina tank from Berroco instead out of the CottonEase. I also found another pattern in a Vogue or other magazine that called for the CottonEase and will eventually pick up 2 more skeins and make that tank for her too.

I went to a kinda LYS last weekend and bought some buttons (I think they were called gumdrops) that will be so cute on the felted bags. I also bought a few patterns. One is a new Knitting Pure and Simple one for a hooded sweater. I have enough yarn in the stash to make my neice and I ones out of the same yarn. I alos bought a Fiber Trends pattern for a short sleeve shirt and the pattern used Cotton Fleece which I also have 4 skeins of in the stash. Not sure why I ever bought 4 skeins but it must have been on clearance.

The last thing I bought was some childrens needles (really short and cute) they will be perfect for scarf knitting. I dug out some more cotton out of the stash and plan to make the scarf in the latest Twists and Turns newsletter.