Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

The Ten on Tuesday topic for 8/24 10 Things You Would Tell a College Freshman or Things You Wish You Had Known When You Started College.  I am going with the first one.  My niece and nephew didn't go to college so I didn't get to tell them anything and I couldn't think of 10 thing I wish I had known.  My mind is just overworked lately at work and I can't think when I am home.

1) Enjoy your time in college, you might miss it when you get into the working world.
2) Text books are expensive, look for used ones.  It's amazing what they cost now, even used.
3) Don't fall for the credit cards the companies try to get you take. 
4) Put aside some emergency money.
5) Get some sleep, you can party another day.  I'm always tired so I had to throw this one in.
6) Try to not live on junk food.  Supposedly, the food has improved at the colleges now.
7) Your room will be small, but bring a few items that remind you of home.
8) Don't ignore you friends if you meet a guy, you want them around when the guy is not anymore.
9) If you are unsure of your major, take all the basics that you need anyway and explore different courses.
10) Take a class that you wouldn't orignally think of, it might surprise you.

Down to the wire on Daybreak.  I think I am going to stop at the medium size, not sure if I will have enough yarn for the larger border, plus I counted wrong so less than 10 rows to go.


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