Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ten on Tuesday - Abbreviated

The topic for Ten on Tuesday for 10/26 is 10 Ways to Enjoy Halloween.

1) Eat some Halloween Candy.

2) Watch a horror movie, my favorite is the first Halloween.  It was on last night but I wouldn't have been able to sleep if I had watched.  I am becoming more chicken, the older I get.  I did flip channels just in time to see her stab him with the knitting needle.

3) Carve a pumpkin - I don't remember ever doing this (at least in many, many years) but have seen some that friends have done. The ones at Rhinebeck were cool.

4) Wear a costume - haven't done this is many, many years either.

5) Take a child trick or treating - used to take my niece and nephew, now they are too old.

I'm not a Halloween person so will stop at 5. We no longer give out candy or turn the lights on, my parents are over 80 and just don't enjoy it anymore.  None of the relatives stop by anymore with the younger kids and our neighborhood tends to get high schoolers so not so much fun.

I will be in the den with the door closed as our newer neighbors played Thriller for a straight hour last year at full blast. I heard it in my head many hours after they finally shut it off.

Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Mara Shawl

This is my Mara Shawl by Madelinetosh.  The yarn is some leftover Cascade 220 from a vest I made in the spring.  Took me a little over a month.  Not sure if I will keep it or gift it.

Finished the legwarmers.  Now need to start pair one for my hairdresser's daughters.  I haven't pulled out the yarn yet but it is in my room.  Lunch knitting is now the Traveling Woman shawl by Liz Abinante.  I am using some Noro Silk Garden Sock.  At home, I am working on the Criminal Minds Kerchief from the Knit a long.  I'm on the last clue and should finish it by next weekend so I can block it.

My sister was in the mood for a road trip today so I found a new to us yarn shop that was open on Sunday.  It's called New England Yarn and Spindle and it is in Bristol, CT.  A small shop that carrys Plymouth, Brown Sheep, Noro and Berocco yarn among others.  I bought some sock yarn and a few other skeins and a few little accessories.  My sister got some yarn and a pattern to make some fingerless mitts for a few friends of hers along with a vest pattern.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

The Ten on Tuesday topic for 10/19 is 10 Things In Your Freezer Right Now.

1) Ice pack (I have a knee bothering me now so this is back in the freezer).

2) Schwan's Single Serving Smoothies - a new item, I haven't tried them yet.

3) Dr. Oetker Spinach Pizza - it looked good at the store, haven't tried it yet.

4) Sweet Potato Fries - yummy, not sure of brand, have some from Trader Joes, Whole Foods and Schwan's.

5) Schwan's Tortolini's - yummy also. We have these once a week.

6) Kashi Pesto Pasta Primarvera frozen meal.

7) Frozen turkey breast - my work day lunch meat.

8) Green Giant Just For One Broccoli, Carrots and Italian seasoning.

9) Mini crab cakes - I think from Trader Joes.

10) Nestle Chocolate Chip Cookie mix.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Rhinebeck was nice, a little windy and crowded, but nice.  We left around 8am and arrived at the fairgrounds around 10:30 or so.  Got a good parking spot and then the woman in front of us in line handed me 3 discount tickets so we each got in for $9.  I had a list of 6 vendors I really wanted to check out but 4 of them really didn't have anything that grabbed me so I moved on.  I ended up with the yarn above, 4 skeins of STR from the fold, two light weight and two medium weight, all mill ends, one a rare gem color.  Those are on the left of the picture.  The next two are from Spirit Trail, the one on top is Penolope and is going to be a Knitspot shawl.  The bottom one is Nonna and I am not sure what it will be.  The skein on the end is Autumn House (I think), loved the colors and had to have it.  The only other purchases were a Wild Fibers magazine and some Gita Marie jewelry which my parents have taken from me to give to me at Xmas time.  I also bought some goodies from Taste Buds but they are all gone now.  I saw a few friends but other than that, I was on a mission.  I visited the animal barns for the first time in years and visited with the sheep and goats.

Knitting wise, Mara is done.  The only thing on the needles is the Criminal Minds Knit a long kerchief/shawl and a pair of legwarmers.  I plan to start Cassidy soon as part of the Knitmore Girls knit a long.  I dug out some Plymouth Galway from the stash today and can't wait to start it.  I have to figure out my gift knitting, think I just have the 3 pair of legwarmers and that is it. 

Next up will be the Fiber Festival of New England in about 3 weeks.  I don't plan on going to Stitches, I want to save my money for the Festival.  Talking to my parents on the way to Rhinebeck I had mentioned that to make a new sweater pattern by Knitspot, the yarn would cost me between $120 and $150 depending on vendor and my father actually said, "if it is good wool, then it would be worth it".  I was shocked as I usually get yelled at for spending as much as I do on yarn when I have a whole (almost) room full of buckets of yarn in the cellar.  But, he really likes a sweater my sister got him from LL Bean that was worth about $150 (I'm sure she got it on sale) and he thought it was worth the money.  So, I may be searching out a sweater's worth of yarn at the Festival soon.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

Rhinebeck, here we come!

The Ten on Tuesday topic for 10/12 is 10 Ways to Have Fun on Long Car Rides.

1) Knit - as long as you aren't drivng

2) Listen to music and sing along

3) Play license plate games, I remember doing this as a child

4) Plan out what will happen upon arrival at your destination.

5) When we were kids, we played games, or fought.

6) Read - if it doesn't make you car sick, it makes me car sick.

7) In the fall, look at all the pretty leaves.

8) Play video games, I have a Nintendo DS, plus the Ipod Touch.

9) When we were kids sitting in the back of a station wagon, we would wave at the people behind us.

10) Drive whoever is driving nuts by saying "Are we there yet?" again and

Here's hoping for a good day on Saturday (and Sunday for the Sunday people)!


Sunday, October 10, 2010

This and That

This is the start of the Criminal Minds Knitalong kerchief.  I think this is up to the end of Clue 3.  I am not over half done with clue 4.  Mara is coming along, I am doing about 2 rows a day at lunch.  I think I will run out of yarn either this week or next week and then I will call it done.

I haven't started the Through the Loops mystery socks yet but have the yarn ready.  I also need to cast on one gift to get that going.

I did make it to the yarn shop in Deep River this weekend.  Finally picked up my yarn for a Knitspot shawl.  It has been sitting there waiting for me for a few months.  I hope to cast that on the minute Mara is done.

I changed my summer for winter clothes today.  What a chore, though I did put aside some clothes to throw out (they go to a place that sells the material for charity) and some to donate to a soup kitchen that has clothes and other stuff that they give to the needy.  I have a bucket of knitting items that I am going to go through and donate some of that, too.

Rhinebeck is almost here and I am all ready.  Haven't made my list yet though I have a few things in mind.  I really should write them down before I forget.  I am hoping for good weather.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

The Ten on Tuesday Topic for 10/5 is 10 Things To Love About Fall.

1) The colors of the leaves.

2) The crisp feel of the air.

3) Apples taste much better.

4) Rhinebeck! - I will get here.

5) Fiber Festival of New England - I hope to get to this new one.

6) Craft fairs - we have a few good one's locally at schools or churches.

7) Sweaters - I want to wear them and knit them.

8) Spinning guild has started up again.

9) Cuddling up on the couch with the kitties.

10) The desire to knit more.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

FO - Red Scarf Project

Here's my scarf for the Red Scarf Project, it is really more of a burgundy red than what is showing in the picture.  It is the Corrugator Scarf out of Plymouth Encore.

I started my Criminal Minds Kerchief knit-a-long and am almost done with clue 4.  Just 2 or 3 rows and I am up to date and ready for Wednesday night.  It is fun but the variegated yarn I am using is not showing it to it's best.  I may have to do another eventually in a solid.  This one will be a gift.

I am on the first part of the border of Mara, about 2 more rows and then I double my stitches for the ruffle type border.  I brought it to the Nutmeg Spinners Guild on Saturday and got quite a bit done.  So now, I am about 4 1/2 inches from being done though it will take a while as the rows are going to be very long once as I double them.

I have the yarn ready and hope to start the Through the Loops Mystery Sock this weekend.  Clue one is out but I will probably wait till Clue 2 comes out and then just do that along with the Criminal mines kerchief.

After a nice weekend, it looks like rain is coming again.  I am not looking forward to that but I do hope to get to visit my favorite YS this coming weekend.