Friday, April 30, 2004

Well, I am working on the top down sweater. The upper part of the sweater is done and the armholes are done and I am now working down the body. I plan to do the sleeves soon to see how much yarn I have left to work with. I did buy a skein of black (the sweater is red) if needed to do the collar, sleeve edges and bottom edges. I also think I have the perfect buttons needed for the neckline that I bought to use on a Dale sweater but I can always buy more if I ever get around to making that.

The beaded bag, the Must Have and the Whitby Gansey are all languishing away while I also started and am working on a Poncho a la Wendy's Colinette and not-Colinette ponchos. I am partially following a pattern from a Paton's booklet with a cabled poncho on the cover. I am using some Colinette Zanziba in a purple and then a teal color. I went to a LYS after CT Sheep and Wool last weekend and got some Berroco Zen in both purple and teal and then a multi color cotton (maybe Flash? will have to find the label) which has a little of the purple and the teal in it. It should be done next week. I have to work the next 3 days so won't be getting in as much knitting cuz I check my email when I get home and am trying to finish a library book due next week, too. The Time Traveler's Wife (due back the 6th), a good book and then I have one more book that is also due around the 13th (I hope) that I have to read.

Thank you to my secret knitting pal for my card. It was nice to come home to a card waiting for me.

I also have to decide where to get a blog with pictures, not sure if I want to do typepad or just keep it here.

Monday, April 12, 2004

The Novel Tee is put together and finished. The yarn tended to fray so I bought some embroidery thread in the same color and sewed down all the ends. That was all finished by Easter night.

I have started an Elongated Beaded Bag by Judy Pascale from the class I took with her at the Wool Connection in Avon, CT.

I am also working on my nieces Must Have. I went to Micheal's Saturday night with a 30% of non sale total order coupon and got some LB Cotton Ease to make a top down summer sweater. I hope to start that this week.

Sunday, April 04, 2004

Well, the knitting on the Novel Tee is done. It ended up being all in purple. I really didn't think I would have enough as it seems that the front took 5 skeins and I only had 11 but I ended up with enough. Maybe I just can't count.

I wound some of the yarn for cotton sweater number two. It is a yarn called Dusty that is discontinued as far as I know. I must have gotten it in a sale bin or online somewhere, I don't remember. That is destined to become a Reynolds pattern that has a cables up the front and short sleeves.

I just ripped out my nieces Must Have and am in the process of re-casting on in a larger size. My gauge swatches may be perfect but it must tighten up when I knit so before I got any further than the 7 inches up the back, I ripped and will restart tomorrow.