Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Ten on Tuesday

 The Ten on Tuesday topic for 7/7/2015 is 10 Favorite Things To Do On A Summer Staycation.  Relax isn't on the list but just laying around like Buster (a friend's dog).

1)  Knit - or plan new projects on Ravelry.
2)  Read - magazines that have piled up and books.
3)  Hang out in back yard relaxing and drinking Iced Tea.
4)  Try a few new make at home meals.
5)  Clean out the closets of clothes I know longer wear.
6)  Clean out yarn to donate to a senior home.
7)  Exercise - I try not to use a vacation excuse when I'm at home.
8)  Listen to podcasts.
9)  Snuggle with the kitties.
10)  Spin some yarn.