Saturday, October 27, 2007

Fiber Twist - oh nope, I'll save that for tomorrow

Today, a friend at work went off with me in the rain to FiberTwist. We did that, and Webs and I'll post pictures of that tomorrow, too rainy to take any at the fair but I did do some shopping.

She spotted the Butterfly Conservatory on the way by so after Fiber Twist, we stopped there. So cool, we are planning to go back. I used up the batteries on the digital trying to get pictures of the blue butterflys. I downloaded what I was taking and I took over 80 before the batteries went. I knew at Rhinebeck that they were low but I wasn't planning on taking any except at Fiber Twist. Next time, I am bringing a fully loaded digital so I can try to take some in movie mode.

After that, we went to Yankee Candle which is why she went with me. She had never been. She enjoyed that place as she is a candle lover and is always buying them.
We ended up eating at a Cracker Barrel which was another first for her. Yum. Even in the rain, it was a fun day. We left at 9am and returned at 6pm.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Morehouse Farms - Sheep's Clothing

On the ride home, we always stop here. I was so sad to hear that they were closing the shop and just doing an online shop. I found out while I was buying a few kits at the fair. I didn't end up with anything in the tent sale but I did pick up two skeins of yarn to make a shawl/scarf that a friend was wearing to a knitting guild meeting. I ended up with two scarf kits which may end up being grab bag gifts. I also bought the Mohican hat kit to make for my nephew. I wanted it last year but the pattern wasn't ready. I still have the kits I bought last year sitting in a basket by my bed. I look at them and can't wait to make them but I have so many other projects in the que that they have been pushed aside.

I had Friday and today off, so I spent most of the day reading Ravelry and blog posts about the fair. I usually stay off by myself and don't go up to the bloggers that I read but don't know. It was fun to read about what everyone gets and to start making a list for next year.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Rhinebeck - NY S&W

The day turned out nice and sunny, not too hot. While looking around the Spirit Trail booth, I learned that Clara Parkes would be signing her new book. I bought the book and waited in line to have my picture taken. Here I am with Shelia ( a friend of mine who has 4 patterns in the book) and Clara Parkes. I now have added one of Shelia's shawl patterns to my list to knit as soon as I finish up some other projects.

These are some of my purchases. A skein of Socks That Rock (I lucked out and went to the booth after the rush was over). Unlike last year, there were still skeins to choose from. I also bought the mug with skein and pattern kit at Autumn House. I guess I will have to learn to knit socks. The two tshirts are my Ravelry shirts that I ended up picking out at the fair.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Baby Hat

This is a Fiber Trends Baby Hat that I made out of Patons Astra for a co-worker who is due sometime around late December or January. I am not exactly sure when she is due but I wanted to get it ready so that I can put it on her desk. She ended up on bedrest with her first, so I want to get it to her in case that happens again.

Tomorrow, I am off to Rhinebeck. I have a list of yardage requirements for a few patterns plus a few other things I want to look out for. I can't wait.