Sunday, March 28, 2004

My Spring Fling (the Blue Blog) knitting is the Novel Tee from an old Berroco book. I am using some light to medium purple Berroco Cotton 100 and the sleeves and neck will be in a peach color. The back is done and I am about 6 inches up the front. After that I plan to make another summer sweater, more info about that later. I also took out some more Cotton 100 in a medium pink that is a coral color but more pink. I am trying to find something to add with it as I don't have enough of it on it's own, it will also be a Novel Tee which is supposed to be out of two yarns anyway.

Yesterday, I took 2 classes at the Ewephoric Weekend at the Wool Connection in Avon, CT. I took an Elongated Beaded Bag class with Judy Pascale and a Now You See It, Now You Don't with Jaya S. (can't think of her last name right now). Both are really nice. I have known Judy for years but Jaya is a sweetie, too. Very friendly and nice to chat with. I really enjoyed both of my classes and am very glad I took both this year.

I spent today searching the web for beading info and putting together an order for Elann. I am putting together something for my secret pal (well not so secret, as I emailed her from a knitting pal account and then stupidly signed my name, duh, what a dope I am after being so careful) and it has been fun picking up stuff. Of course, a few things have been a one for her, one for me type thing but it has been fun and I will enjoy the duplicates I am putting together for me, too.

Saturday, March 20, 2004

My mothers cardigan now has buttons and fits her perfectly. I will have to get a picture eventually when I charge the digital batteries.

My Patons denim look sweater is done and actually fits. I ended up doing the collar twice, first on the smaller size needles the pattern called for and then again on the needles the body is knit on. When sewing up, I went with the larger collar. Looks pretty good for being stuffed in the stash for many, many years.

Now it is time for Spring Fling knitting with Alison at the Blue blog. I dug through the pattern books today and found some maybes, now have to get into the stash and pull out the yarn and start swatching this afternoon. I had pulled out some dk cotton but the pattern I want to use with it is a patterned cardigan and I want some easy knitting. I think first up will be a simple tee out of some Berroco Cotton 100 that I bought up when a LYS was discontinuing it.

Thursday, March 11, 2004

I came home from running an errand today to find the mailman at the front door. He left me a birthday package from my knitting secret pal. So cool. Inside were some Dove chocolates, a candle holder and some tealights in a Jasmine scent, some emory boards that are going in my knitting bag or purse, some notecards with an "S" on them and a cute little fabric tray. Plus a birthday card. This is so much fun. Thank you to my knitting pal.

My mother's cardigan is still buttonless. I found some in the button stash that I plan to use instead. They are a blueish color that I think looks really nice with the sweater.

Since then, I have finished my mothers Peach Techno Hair fuzzy scarf and also finished a garter stitch scarf from Morehouse Merino that I have been working on since I went there in 2002. A long time for a simple garter stitch scarf.

My knitting guild is having an auction this month so I have been digging through the stash to find stuff to donate. In one unmarked (most of my buckets are numbered and the yarn is listed in a notebook) bucket, I found a Patons Denim type yarn and pattern. The back and front were done. Then I ran out of yarn, begged on the web, found it in a town in another part of the state, paid for it, it was then passed on to a women in my town where I met up with her to pick it up. So, I started the sleeves and have about 3 inches done. I have since ordered some denim yarn on Elann.

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

My mothers sweater is finished except for the buttons being sewn on. The buttons I plan to use are currently on the sweater my mother wears around the house now. I made it about 20 years ago and it is a Paton's pattern out of Patons Diana. It really needs to be thrown out but my mother says she never buttons it so we can take the buttons off and I am sure she will keep it to wear around the house. I am also working on a peach scarf for her. She wanted a fuzzy scarf so I bought some yarn and am about a foot or more into it.

Now that the sweater is done, I plan to split my time between the Must Have and my Whitby Gansey.

I plan to visit a not so LYS on Saturday after my haircut. I haven't been since before the holidays so it should be fun. I want to look through the new Rowan and Jaeger books amoung other new books.