Monday, September 28, 2009

Franklin County Fiber Twist

Saturday in Greenfield, MA with perfect weather. My mother and I started out at about 9:40 am for Greenfield. Took about 1 hour and 30 minutes. Traffic stopped for a tiny period in Springfield. Pictured is Kristin Nicholas's new book, 4 of her postcards (which I hope to frame and hang on the wall), a pair of earrings and a stitch marker (to become a necklace and an Xmas gift from my mother) from Glastonbury Glassworks and a matted photo of a sheep that will be framed. I also got a bead from Glastonbury Glassworks that is going to go on a cord.

We left there right about noon and headed south through awful traffic on 91 south through Ingleside (before Springfield) to get to Deep River, CT in time for their sale which ended at 4 pm. Lunch was a quick stop at Dunkin Donuts and then we arrived at the shop around 2. The shop doesn't have sales often so I had to find time to hit it. I ended up with enough Cotton Fleece for a sweater for me and then 2 skeins of Koigu for a scarf (most likely a gift) and then some sock yarn to make a baby sweater and another yarn (I want to guess Shaefer Irma but not sure) for a baby sweater. I spend Sunday re-arranging some of the stash and putting away any recent purchaces.

Work knitting is still the child's sweater, back is done, fronts almost done. Home knitting is the Selbu Modern. Should be done soon, I have hit the decreases on the crown. Next up is my mother's sweater. Yarn was pulled from the stash Sunday and she likes it. Sweater pattern choices have been narrowed to 3, now to see which one will meet gauge the best. My Xmas knitting will be mittens for my niece to go with a scarf that I made last year, my mothers sweater (though I warned her she may get it like last year - around Valentines day), and maybe a cowl for a friend. I think that is it. I have 5 gifts finished already. I have a stash of scarves already made and they are going to become some gifts or donated to charity.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

... an old doily

My father and I brought down my mother's hope chest from the attic this morning. My mother made this doily years ago. It now sits on the hope chest in my bedroom. My mother spent about 2 hours going through all the items that had been in there for years. There were a lot of baby sweaters and booties that my grandmother had made. Unfortunately, she never let my sister use them so now they will go back in for any children my niece may have. There was a crochet afghan that I have laid claim to and it will be going back in there for use in the future. They have a similar one at their cottage that my grandmother also made. The hope chest is bigger than I thought and has a drawer. The drawer is being repaired and then I will fill it up a bit each night or over the weekend.

I haven't started anything new. Still working on the Selbu Modern at home and the baby sweater at work. The MA fair is coming up this Saturday and I can't wait. I really don't need anything but love to look and see what is new.

We are still cleaning out the living and dining rooms of all the stuff that was taken out of my bedroom. I will have a bunch of stuff to go to either charity or flea market and my mother will start questioning if I still want to get rid of it. My answer has been yes, if it is in the pile it is going away. Feels good to get rid of some stuff.

Monday, September 14, 2009

2 Wonky Cowls and a Calorimetry

One skein of Plymouth Encore Colorspun yielded two Wonky Cowls and one Calorimetry. These were quick knits. The cowls match 2 scarfs I made 2 years ago for my hairdresser's little girls. The calorimetry will go to a co-workers little girl. I wanted to figure out how to make it smaller as my hairdresser is getting one out of Malabrigo and if her daughters like it, then I have a quick knit for them for next year.

My work project is now a child's sweater that I haven't even put on Ravelry. The yarn is leftover from a baby blanket and I really don't enjoy it but it is knitting up quicker now that I am knitting it during my hour lunch. I am not sure if I will have enough for sleeves but if I don't, it will just be a vest.

My night knitting is the Selbu Modern I have on the needles. Once as I finish that, I am going to start a sweater (still undecided) and also work on finishing up my Spring Things shawl. I think I have less than 30 rows to go on that. I have 3 other projects on the needles that I am going to decide if I am going to frog or finish. I am thinking finish one as I bought the yarn to make the edging at Rhinebeck last year. The other two I think are going to the frog pond. I get no enjoyment out of either one though I may give one of them one more chance.

I am so looking forward to the upcoming fairs. There is one in MA in a few weeks that my mother enjoys. It is very small and then we sometimes stop at Webs on the way home but I may not this year. Then comes Rhinebeck which my parents also enjoy. They like the cooking demos and spend most of the time we are there sitting and watching that. I have no plans to go to Stitches as I enjoy the fairs more. The knitters I know think I am crazy but I would rather spend my money at my LYS and at the fairs with the local independent dyers.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Corrugator Scarf

Here is my Corrugator scarf for the Red Scarf Project. I had always wanted to knit one and now I finally have. I can see more of these in the future. This one is out of some Knit Picks yarn that was in the stash.

After finishing this, my work lunch projects were two Wonky cowls for my hair dresser's little girls. They liked her cowl she received last year so now they will have some. Pictures once as I weave in the ends and take them. I had extra yarn left so started a Calorimetry for a friend at works little girl.

Still no decision on my mother's sweater or the one I plan to make for me. Lots of patterns spinning around in my head.

The kittens and I went to visit my parents for the weekend. It was our annual trip to the outlets along the CT shoreline. I bought candy and cookies. I looked for sneakers and a gift but found nothing. Tomorrow, I have an extra day off and have to take the youngest kitten to the vet for her yearly checkup. They are no longer kittens but that is what we call them. They hate to ride in the car but at least didn't cry as much on the way home as they did on the way there.

I have still been working on putting my room back together. It was painted in early July and furniture is slowly going back in. Only have a week left to get it done. I think a lot of it will be going to charity, a flea market or the garbage. I like the room mostly empty so decisions are being made for every little thing that may go back in there. That means I have to find room elsewhere for all my binders of knitting patterns. It's all good because that will mean more junk will be getting out of the house to make room for them to be easy to locate and use. My mother is giving me her hope chest that my father gave her. It is in the attic and will have to come down in a few weeks and then she will clean it out for me. I can't wait to put my knitted items in there.