Sunday, March 28, 2010


I have to search the stash for my more yarn so I can make another pair.

I started a sock out of Sockotta but wasn't enjoying it so ripped it out and start a sock out of Berocco Sox and one of Charlene Schurch's Sensational Knitted Socks.  I like this one much better.

The lunch knitting baby sweater is now done and blocking.  I am making a hat out of the leftover yarn and that should be done this week.  Then I don't know if my lunch knitting with be another baby gift or if I will take a break and work on my other cardigan that has been waiting patiently for me to work on it.  I think the sweater will win out and I will work on that for a few weeks and then do the next baby gift.

My Mondo Cable is slowly coming along, a few rows at a time.  It seems slow going and I think I am going to make the cap sleeve version as I want it to be done so I can wear it.

My sister and I went off again on Saturday to the two yarns shops that she will go to with me.  She needed another skein as she didn't listen to me when she bought the first one.  I bought more Happy Feet sock yarn, one was DK and the same yarn my sister is making the beaded scarf out of, the other is a multicolor that was new in the shop.

Then we went off to the Bloomfield store where she spent nothing and I bought a circular needle, a Lorna's Laces Sock Paint Box (2 skeins of sock yarn, a pattern, in a plastic paint can) that I was eyeing the last time.  I also bought some clearance yarn and a magazine.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


These are the small group of Crocuses in the back yard. 

I am almost done with my Duckie sock number 2.  Less than 30 rows left.  I have split off the sleeves of my Mondo Cable Cardi but haven't really worked on it much since Thursday or Friday night when I seperated it out.

I had Friday off as my birthday day off from work (you get to take a day within a month of your birthday).  My parents and I went off to the outlets and to lunch at Westbrook Lobster.  I had a new item on the menu, a barbacued salmon sandwich.  It was yummy.  Then we went to the next outlets and bought candy.  We stopped at Madison Wool, a yarn shop I had never been to before.  I bought two skeins of sock yarn, one to be a shawlette (I think) and the other a pair of socks.  Plus, a little namaste case that will either hold some crochet hooks or double point needles.

Saturday, I had an early morning hair appointment and then went off to Target to look for Rachel Herron's book.  I didn't see it there but then went to Border's and hung around till them opened at 10.  Found the book and a few others plus a knitting mag and finally made it home.  Felt like I had been out a long time.  After lunch, I went to Deep River to see baby pictures and pay for my Knitting Retreat vacation.  While there, I found the perfect buttons for another sweater I have on the needles.  I had been thinking before that I was going to have to search to find the perfect buttons for this sweater that is patiently waiting for me to get back to it.  I don't know how I have missed seeing them before, maybe they are new.  I love them and had the thought that I may have to plan another sweater just so I can get more of them.

My lunch knitting is still slowly moving along.  The sleeves are done and I have started on the body.  Another 3 or 4 inches and I can add the sleeves and start the yoke.  I don't like the way the bottom is rolling and hope it blocks out in the end.

It has been a beautiful few days but rain is due back tomorrow.  I can't wait to see the tulips poking their heads up.  I had bought some bulbs last year and my father planted them and they should be coming up soon.  I can't wait to see what they look like as I am never sure if they will look like the picture.  They were bought through a co-workers little girl's school sale.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Here's my Mondo Cable Cardi and my Duckie Sock.  I noticed today that the Duckie sock had the same colors as the bag I was keeping it in.  This is sock number two, going much slower than sock number one.  I manage only about 3 rows a day on the Cardi.

The orange baby set from the last two posts was worn by baby Miriam on her first visit to the doctor.  She was born earlier this week, a day before her due date and two days before my birthday.  I was kind of hoping she would come on my birthday but she didn't.  I hope to get to the yarn shop next Saturday to see pictures of her.

My sister was on a bead search again this weekend.  So on Saturday we went off, first looking for the apartment my niece wanted to rent and then to a yarn shop (Bayberry Knitting) not far from there.  My sister is hooked on her beaded scarves now so she bought yarn to make a friend one.  We then went to another yarn shop (Sit 'N Knit) that I had only been to their new location once before.  She bought more yarn to make another scarf.  I also made some purchases, some sock yarn and yarn for gift scarves, plus magazines.  Then we went off to the bead store to buy the matching beads.  I have found her two more beaded scarf patterns in books that I had on my bookshelf.  Thanks to Ravelry, I knew to look in them.

I spent about 2 more hours today searching Ravelry for my next sock pattern to use.  I have some yarn all lined up in my head and seem to be going down from the size 4 needles for my first socks, size 3 for the Duckies and my next will be on size 2's.  Then I am hoping to tackle a Knitspot pattern on 1's.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

An orange hat

Here's the little hat to go with the little sweater.  I gave the set to the grandma to be to deliver to her daughter.  They don't know if they are having a boy or a girl so this will be perfect.  The original person I was planning on giving it to is having a boy so I am making a different sweater for her.  That is now my lunch knitting.  It is a little top down sweater by Reynolds and I am using Plymouth Encore.

I have finished one Duckie sock and have started number 2.  I also cast on my Mondo Cable Cardi out of some Valley Yarns Northampton and after one mess up and rip out, I am now on my way.  My other top down sweater is languishing away while these other projects are on the needles.

I bought some yarn Saturday to make some Cupcake hats and to use up the orange left from the baby set.  I also bought yellow and brown (the cupcake wrapper color) and will eventually have yellow and orange cupcake hats to put away for other gifts.  I can see more of these in the future as they look like fun to make and like a real cupcake, one just won't be enough.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Ravelympic project 2, done

Here's the baby sweater.  It was a fun knit.  I know have a baby hat on the needles for work knitting.  That should be done this week.  I am glad that I was able to finish both projects.  I actually came in ahead and finished this one on Saturday.

I also started another pair of socks, a pair of Duckies on size 3 needles.  My sister had the yarn in her stash.  I must have given it to her at some holiday in the past.  I have about 3 more sock patterns lined up to knit next.

I did join the Knitmore Girls Mondo Cable knit a long and will be casting on tonight.  I am suing Valley Yarns Northampton that I found in our cellar in a bucket that I had never put in my stash book.  Lots of nice yarn in there for future projects.

My sister finished her beaded scarf and drove me crazy yesterday calling me with knitting questions.  Considering that she taught me, it is kind of funny that she now calls me.  She left for Miami Beach this morning for work and needed to get her project together.  Nothing like waiting to the day before to plan the knitting. I had given her back 2 bags of yarn (partial projects included) that she had given to me to use.  One was from her girlfriend who has given up knitting and one was a yarn I had given her to make a gift out of years ago.  Glad it is now back to her house and she can use it up.  She ripped the projects and rewashed the yarn so she was all set to go.  She just had to figure out a project. 

I am about 50 podcasts behind on all the podcasts I listen to.  Some are back podcasts that I had downloaded to I Tunes.  The olympics tv watching took all my time.  I am now slowly listening while I am on the computer.  Hopefully with the knit a long, I will have time to just sit and knit.