Sunday, January 27, 2008

Baby Hat

This is a baby hat from Knit Simple Fall 2007. It is in the newborn size. The yarn is Rauma Baby yarn. It was a fun knit and is for a co-worker whose wife is expecting in March. I hope to also make a hat for a 1 year old for them to use next winter.

I have been knitting away at Hanami and hope to finish the basketweave section by the end of next weekend but I don't know if I will make it. I am not starting anything new until next week when I have to go to NYC for work and I will need some knitting for the bus. All my small projects are done and all I have on the needles now is Hanami, another shawl, a baby blanket and a felted bag.

I went to two YS's yesterday and picked up some yarn to make some hats for me. One shop netted me two skeins of Lambs Pride and two of Malabrigio Worsted (yummy). At the other shop I picked up needles, a pattern and yarn to make another baby hat and some sale yarn that I just had to have. It will eventually become a scarf.

Monday, January 21, 2008

FO Monday

Two FO's that will probably be going to charity. The blue one is a lace hat from a Knit Simple magazine. I was the presenter of a program on Lace knitting at my Knitting Guild last week. This hat was meant to be on display but the flu last week ended that plan. I ended up finishing it a day or so after the meeting. The beret is Beret Gaufre from Veronik Avery. A fun knit but the yarn was wrong. I had ordered it online and it was supposed to be worsted weight but really felt more like a light DK or sport weight. I ran out and ended up doing the top with some leftover Dale yarn from my nephews Pirate Hat.

I have a scarf for me almost done, Karita from Berocco. I am using Berocco Ultra Alpaca and I have a skein left which will become a Sand Dollar Beret (found the pattern at Jimmy Beans Wool). I seem to be on a beret kick lately. I am usually not a hat person. I like to make them but don't wear them. I already made myself one beret and have 2 more planned.

I bought the Cassidy's Cap pattern today from ChicKnits and that will be for me. I think I will do a little yarn crawl this weekend for the perfect yarn to make it. I have a certain color in mind to match some mittens I am planning to make. They will both match a scarf I already made.

I mentioned my favorite lace designers in my presentation and also had just found out about the Secret of the Stole II so I signed up for that and mentioned it at the meeting. Pulled my yarn out of my stash only to find that what I planned to use was half sport weight and half fingering. Not sure if I ordered wrong last spring when I bought it or if they sent the wrong weight yarn. Doesn't matter, as I went right online and ordered more of it as my mind is now set on that color. Hopefully, it will arrive in a week or so and I can start that.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Another Last Minute Beret

This is another Last Minute Beret from KloseKraft. The yarn is the Gedrifa Fashion Trend Stripe. I started it last night and finished it this afternoon. It is for a co-worker for her February birthday. It matches the multidirectional scarf she received for Christmas. I have one skein left that may become fingerless mitts.

I am giving a presentation on lace at my knitting guild meeting this week so I will spend tomorrow digging out all my lace projects to bring with me. I started a lace hat Thursday night and hope to have it partway done to show that all lace doesn't have to be the shawl variety.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Palindrome FO

Palindrome is finally finished. It seemed to take a long time. I think I will eventually make another one as it was a fun knit.

My work knitting now becomes my Karita scarf which is about 40% or more done. I started a baby blanket for my cousin who I found out over the weekend is having a boy. The blanket was started earlier last week and is a white/pink/blue combination of Canadiana from the stash. I want to make some mittens for me and a hat for a girl at work who liked a hat I wore one day next week. Her birthday is in February and I have 2 skeins left of the yarn that I used to make her Xmas gift scarf.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year and Year's review

This is a Squatty Sidekick bag that I made my mother for Xmas. She now has about 4 felted bags from me. She requested a blue bag and approved the yarn though I don't think she remembers making the request.

All in all, I finished 60 items in 2007. Most of them small items but still, it is more than my totals for 2005 (about 38) and 2006 (about 55).

The breakdown is:

Baby Booties - 1 - these were a bust, didn't work right, thrown out.
Baby Sweaters - 4 - one EZ, two Plymouth pattern, one hooded top down.
Shrug - 1
Short Sleeved Cardigan - 1
Shawls - 3 - 1 large, 2 shoulder size.
Bracelets - 12 - counted as 1, these were for a co-worker's girl scout group, she was going to knit them but ran out of time.
Headbands - 5 - 2 Calorimetrys, 2 Cabled, 1 Lace.
Felted Bag - 1
Felted Mittens - 1
Scarves - 14
Wimple - 1
Hats - 19
Soap Sacks - 6
Dishcloths - 2

I would like to make at least one sweater for me this year. I have to make my nephew a sweater by June (graduation) or Sept (his birthday) and he isn't picky so he will be happy if he gets one whenever I get it done.

I start 2008 with the following on the needles:

Palindrome Scarf
Karita Scarf
Striped Felted bag
Baby Blanket
Show Your Colors Shawl

I don't plan on starting anything else until the two scarfs are done. They will be my work knitting. After that, I don't mind keeping the two shawls on the needles but can't start a new one until one of them is done. The felted bag is something I only work on occasionally, it isn't earmarked for anyone so I don't have a deadline for it. The baby blanket is one of about 4 baby gifts I have to get done so I will be finishing one and starting another as needed to make delivery.

I have 8 items that I have to rip out once as I find where I banished them all to. My goal is to find them and rip them by the end of January. Company is coming the next two weekends so I will get to it after that.

I wish everyone a very happy, healthy New Year!