Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lavalette Shawl

This is the Lavalette shawl by Kristin Kapur of Through the Loops. A fun knit. The yarn is a sock yarn I bought at Rhinebeck one year. This will be a Christmas gift for a co-worker. I missed finishing it for her birthday by days. Oh well, one gift done.

I am still working on my Spring Things shawl, I am on the second chart and get to start the nupps tonight. I have never done them so I am anxious to try.

I will finish up my red scarf project scarf this week, I am almost at 60 inches. After that, I child's sweater will be my work project or a scarf that has been languishing will go to work with me. I haven't decided. I need to get working on the child's sweater as I have two baby gifts to make. One will be a Yankee Knitter sweater, the same pattern as the one I am making for a child but I will make the mock cable instead of the basketweaver version. The other is going to be a kit that I need to buy at my favorite yarn shop this weekend.

I haven't picked a sweater yet for my mother or what I want to make me next. I want to have some finished items before I start anything more though I do need to start something for my mother by Labor day if I plan to get it done.

Today at work, we had CPR training. I was in the morning group which went over 4 hours. The afternoon group had less people and finished in under 3. The top of my left hand is a little swollen and sore to the touch from all those compressions we did. We had new mannequins to work on and they actually light up by the shoulder to tell you if you are compressing hard enough. I found it helpful though they told us not to pay too much attention to them. We have good trainers. There is a husband/wife team that volunteer to train us and this time it was the wife. She had with her a fireman from the neighboring town. Both are nice and fun to spend some time with.