Friday, July 31, 2009

New bag and accessories

This is the bag I bought at camp. There is the medium sizes bag with a matching needle case and notion bag. The book off to the right is a covered graph pad in another fabric. I thought it would go with my other bags by the same person but I it is different. I still love them all.

I finished Lavallette and it is blocked. Just took pictures but won't get to upload them till next week.

I decided to do 2 extra repeats on chart 1 of my Spring Things shawl so that is still ongoing. My work project is still the scarf for the Red scarf project and it should be done by the end of August if not before.

My mother announced a week or two ago that she would like another sweater. Nevermind that I just made her one last year or that at going on 83, she hardly wears anything I make her. She wanted baby blue but didn't want me to buy any yarn. So, I went through my stash book and gave her 4 options, she choice an aquamarine colored acyrlic as she spills things. Now to decide on a pattern. The last one she got was a top down but I am not in the mood for another one of them right now so I have it narrowed down to a few plain sweaters.

I really wanted to start something for me but that will wait till I at least have this partially done or finish the shawl. I have another shawl that is almost done that I have to pick up in the fall, it is too hot for it now as it is Aran weight. I also want to start another child's sweater for the friend I have been knitting for plus a co-worker is going to be a grandma so I will make her a sweater. I actually have yarn sitting out for a pattern I saw on line somewhere so now I can make it.

I had a post already to go last night and when I hit publish, it disappeared. I am happy to get this off before the thunderstorms come that supposedly are due this afternoon.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Knitting Camp 2009

I arrived home from Knitting camp last Sunday. Knitting camp was fun, it was colder than normal July weather on Thursday and Friday but the sun was shining Saturday and Sunday and it warmed right up by the time we left. There was a family of robins in one of the pavilions where we ate. We got to watch mama robin bring the babies worms while we were having lunch on Sunday. There were 3 babies in the nest but by the time I got my camera and came back to take pictures, only one little head was showing. The fashion show was great as usual, I go home with many more projects spinning around in my head. It is amazing how a sweater that may look so-so in the magazine looks great when it is knit up and in person. After seeing a Shawl That Jazz in person, I may have the perfect yarn in my stash to make one.

I ended up working on a Lavalette shawl and a Spring Things Shawl. I started a sweater but my gauge was off so I have abandoned that for now and have found 2 more possibilities for the yarn instead. I have about 25 more rows on the Lavalette but don't think it will be done for the recipient's birthday this week. I have a Calorimetry already made for her so she may just get that now. I will be giving the Flower Basket in the last post to a co-worker on Tuesday, her birthday was Friday but she won't be in till Tuesday.

At camp, I bought a kit for a cowl and some mitts and some Mini Moche that will become a shawl. I also bought 2 pair of earrings that a camp goer made. I also bought a knitting bag, fabric covered graph pad, little notion bag and a needle case from another vendor. I bought two other sizes of her bags when she was at camp 2 years ago (well I bought one at camp and had her make me a larger one). She didn't come last year so I was very happy to see her back as I love the colors of her bags.

My lunch knitting is still a scarf for the red scarf project, I have about a third of it done. It is mindless enough to work on during our shortened lunch hours for the summer.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Flower Basket Scarf sized

This is the Flower Basket scarf version in some KFI Cashmerino for a co-worker. It was a fun, quick knit. Ulmus is now done and blocking.

I still haven't finalized my camp knitting. My room is being re-done (painted and maybe the floors redone) while I am away and I have had to clean out my room. Was a long job, found yarn I had forgotten I had bought. I really don't need to buy any ever again and I will still not knit it all up. It has got me planning many projects in my head. I also now can't find some needles and other stuff.

Anonymous had asked if I thought of making a "Shawl that Jazz". I had seen the pattern but haven't purchased it yet. I am also now liking the Milkweed Shawl and the Aestlight Shawl after finding them on Ravelry. There are just too many shawls that I want to knit, especially as I don't really wear them. I am thinking though that the shoulder shawls are a good fit as I would wear them to work over a turtleneck in the winter or over a tee in the summer as it is cool at work.

My camp knitting is now a Lavalette shawl for a co-worker as I have the yarn picked out and just need to wind it. I may start a Summer's End sweater for me in some Cascade 220 that I dug out of the stash this morning thinking to use it with another yarn for something else. I didn't like them together and it is enough for one of these sweaters. This may be it for me. The weather report so far has Thursday as being nice, Friday as hot, then the weekend is uncertain. Lavalette is light enough to work in the heat. I will have to finalize my decisions by Wednesday so I can get it all packed and ready to go.