Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

The Ten on Tuesday topic for 7/17 is 10 Everyday Things That Make You Happy.  One thing though not an everyday thing is Knitting Camp which was held over the weekend.  A nice long weekend with knitting friends.

1)  Chocolate
2)  My kitties
3)  My new bed - it's actually feeling more comfortable
4)  Looking at my Knitting bags - I need to organize them
5)  Knitting - many projects to work on
6)  Reading - I always have a book nearby
7)  Listening to On Broadway on XM Radio
8)  My new to me CRV
9)  My family
10)  Sunshine - though I can do without the humidity

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

The Ten on Tuesday topic for 7/10 is 10 Things That Are Your Favorite Color.  Purple is my favorite color and below are things that are either naturally my color or made in my color.

1)  Tulips - love purple tulips.
2)  Eggplant - which I have just started to like eating.
3)  My Quilt - I just got a new bed and bought a quilt and sheets that have a purple flower print on it.
4)  Birkenstocks - I have a pair with pink and purple flowers on them.
5)  Dark Chocolate Kisses in the dark purple wrapper.
6)  My old slippers that were a gift from my niece one holiday - they are starting to get old but I love them.
7)  My rolling suitcase which is purple and about to be packed for Knitting camp this weekend.
8)  My Liz Clairborne bag - dark purple
9)  My old purple flowered throw - it protects my quilt from the kitties hair.
10)  My purple huggable hangers - they keep my closet organized.