Monday, March 31, 2003

The class went well. I ripped out what I did in class and started the sample sock again. It is out of leftover Koigu the teacher provided so it will be a lone sock unless I end up with enough to make another. It is child size. I also ordered both the Sock Wizard and the New Knitting Math Wizard this weekend. I went to a software demo after class Saturday (my class was taught by the maker of the programs and her assistant did the demo) and after I get a job, I will add the sweater wizard to my knitting software. I am still plugging along on my mothers sweater, went to another LYS yesterday and got the buttons for it. I think I have about 75 rows left to finish, the sleeves are done as part of the fronts so at least I have no sleeves to do. Of course, that makes the fronts take longer, the back was never-ending.

Friday, March 28, 2003

The beaded bag was finished yesterday or the day before. It came out very cute. It is very small. It looked so cute in the picture in the magazine but I never bothered to read the finished dimensions. It is about 7 inches tall. Not sure what I will use if for but my niece things it is cute so I will probably make another one for her. I have a lone skein of another sock yarn that should work and will get the beads at Micheals the next time I have a 40% off coupon. I am done with the lace on my mothers sweater and now am starting the stockinette section. So, sometime this weekend I will cast on for my lace sweater or a sock. I am off tomorrow to the Wool Connection Ewephoric Weekend where I am taking a class on using two circulars or one circular in place of DPN's. Should be fun, and I am meeting a friend for lunch.

Saturday, March 22, 2003

Well, I am over half done with the lace portion of my mothers cardigan. Once as the lace section is finished and I start on the really boring stockinette (sleeves are knitting into the fronts), I plan to start the cover sweater from FCEK for me. Yippee. I also started the beaded bag that a reader sent into Interweave and it was in a past issue. I had put the beads (with help from my niece) onto the yarn a month or so ago and that was as far as it got. I have already done my second beaded section on this bag. Very fun to knit and I really like the Koigu it is done in. Got the new Knitters, don't like the new yarn information thing they are doing with each pattern. It was fine in Sally's book but I really dislike it in the magazine. So, I am counting down the issues left in my subscription.

Sunday, March 16, 2003

I ended up ripping out the sweater I was making for myself. It was coming out too big. I knew it was going to be a little bigger because of my gauge but it would have been way too big. I debated making the back a smaller size but the ribbing wouldn't have matched up and I decided to start it over at a later date. Losing weight is good but this sweater would have been too big. Now I may get to make a medium which is way cool as I would never fit in a medium but the finished measurements for this sweater would work out fine with my gauge and a medium size. So, I cast on the fronts of my mothers cardigan and am working on the lace bottom portion of that.

Saturday, March 15, 2003

Well, the soap sack is done. I spent my morning running to Kohl's, Walmart and the bank. Then on to the mall to hear my niece sing. Then my sister tells me she is also in the fashion show so I stay there until about 10 of 2. Got there around 11:45. I didn't realize standing around would be so tiring but I guess there was also all that running around beforehand. Then I went on a search of 3 stores (2 at the mall) to find FCEK, no luck. Then on the the Wonder Bread outlet and an ice cream shop and home. Then my sister called and I got to watch my nephew while she went out to eat with the girl scouts. Tomorrow I will have to search for my homework list for my class at the end of the month. I know I have no homework but I have to find the supply list that is on the paperwork. I can't remember what it said and I hope I put it somewhere safe or it will be a long day.

Friday, March 14, 2003

The scarf out of Classic Elite Lush is done. It was from a Jaeger pattern book. I am now working on the soap sack which should be done tomorrow. Then it is just my sweater, my mothers sweater, and the Morehouse Farms scarf. Yippee. I hope to start some socks at the end of the month after my class at the Wool Connection. Now I just have to take a picture of the scarf and download the pictures to my computer to add to my web page. Hopefully, this weekend. Most of tomorrow will be spent running errands and going to hear my niece sing with the girl scouts.

Thursday, March 13, 2003

I celebrated my 40th Bday on Tuesday by finishing my nieces afghan. She liked it and showed her brother who then wanted an afghan of his own. I told him that I started it in 1998 and it took that long to finish. He is ok with being 17 when he gets it. I have always wanted to make a Rambling Rows afghan so that is what he will be getting. I have been working on my sweater and a scarf out of Classic Elite Lush, what nice yarn. I should finish the scarf by next week. Then I am down to my sweater, my mothers sweater, a Morehouse Farms scarf and a soap sack. I spent my Xmas money and gift certificate at Fabric Place last weekend. Got some Cascade 220 to go with some I have to make a Dale sweater. Then I got a skein of CE Provence to make a bag. And lastly, the pattern and Saucy yarn to make a hooded lace topped sweater. Now I just have my Bday money to spend on me. Plus, being unemployed for 10 months, I have to start going to the temp agencies starting in April. I have a few Dr. appts. that will be done the first week of April that I don't want to change or have to worry about getting out early for. Back to the knitting.

Sunday, March 02, 2003

Well, my niece liked her scarf. I then mentioned that I could make her a matching headband for it. She said "why don't you do it now", so I dug out the useless last issue of Knitters and cast on for the headband. I could have thought it up myself but I knew that pattern was in there so at least the magazine was used for something. I knit it that night and gave it to her the next day. It was a little big so I folded it over and sewed it down. Fits fine now and she is happy. Haven't seen her wearing it yet, though. About 10 more inches on the afghan and that will be done. Yippee. Dug out the pattern for my nephews sweater but won't start that yet, don't feel like digging through the buckets for the yarn. I am trying to figure out what to spend some Xmas/Bday money on knitwise. Should spend it on bills since I was laid off 10 months ago and still no job but since it was a gift, I would like a little something for me. But, nothing is calling to me that isn't in my stash. Well, maybe a pair of shoes but that isn't knitting. Maybe some Baabajoes Wool Pak 8 ply for a pattern I have in the pattern stash but I also have stash that would work for that. Decisions, decisions. I hope to go to a Knitters Breakfast at Fabric Place next weekend and use a gift certificate I got for Xmas. I keep checking the weather before I sign up for it. Maybe that will fill my need to shop. Plus I have the Wool Connections Ewephoric Weekend at the end of the month to go to. I usually find something there. That's about it from here.