Monday, August 25, 2003

I finished the gussets on the Whitby Gansey and have split it into the front and back. Yippee. I have my niece's sweater next to the computer and actually get a few rows done everyday while I am reading email. It is slow going, but more is getting done by the computer than would get done otherwise. I wasted a good half hour to an hour today trying to get my palm pilot back up and running. Finally reset it and ended up doing a hard reset so had to reload all the games and other stuff I had added. I mostly play games so I don't back it up but I really have to remind myself to do it once a week. I still have to finish 2 more mice and then get some catnip this weekend and get those mice stuffed and mailed to Wendy.

Sunday, August 17, 2003

I am now up to 8 mice for Wendy. I am still working on the gussets on the Whitby Gansey. I also started my nieces sweater during the Blackout on Thursday night. Whitby is dark purple and was getting hard to see so I started the IK sweater for my niece which is a pinky purple color.

Friday, August 08, 2003

Well, I am up to 6 mice for Wendy's raffle. I had a little incident Tuesday night when I lifted the toilet seat and there was a live mouse in the toilet. Yech. I am still only sleeping about 4 hours a night since then.

Whitby is home and I start the gussets and patterning tomorrow. I will start my niece's sweater next week but I wanted to get to the patterning on Whitby first.

Saturday, August 02, 2003

The baby sweater is done and the buttons are on. I decided against a matching hat, I am just not in the mood for the red heart anymore. I still have Whitby going at my parents cottage but I think I will be bringing that back home. The Woolease is just not working for my nieces skier sweater, I think it is too soft. So, I ripped it out (for the second time, tried going down needle sizes) and put the yarn back into the stash, I think it will become a gansey type sweater (I was flipping through some old IK's and saw a few possibilities). Instead, she will be getting a sweater with a heart on it from the Fall 2002 IK. She ok'd the sweater back when the magazine came out and I had some yarn that would work in the stash, just needed the skein for the heart. I am also making some catnip mouse for Wendy's charity raffle. Three done so far, many more to go to use up some leftovers.