Sunday, August 01, 2010

Lady Bertram Shawlette

This is the Lady Bertram Shawlette by Wendy Johnson of Wendyknits.  It was a fun knit.  The yarn is the extra ball of Berocco Ultra Alpaca Fine that I had needed to finish off my Citron.

Still knitting on Daybreak and the Baby Sweater.  The new yarn came for the baby sweater so I finished the body and will probably start the sleeves this week.  I had started a shawl (Azzu's Shawl out of some Araucania Ranco Multi that I bought last week) during the week and that will now be the work knitting.  The Daybreak rows are getting longer and it was getting close trying to finish two rows during my abbreviated lunch hour.  One more month of summer hours and it is back to the nice, hour long knitting lunch every day. 

It's been much nicer out this week (no humidity) and it's been nice not to have to turn on the AC.  My co-worker and I did go to the outlets on Friday.  We had fun shopping and had lunch at Denny's.  Next time, I think I will take her to another place between the two outlets.  Saturday, I went to the yarn shop in Deep River and then my parents wanted to go the the mall (my father wanted something at Macy's) near their cottage.  The restaurant we wanted to go to at the mall had closed so we decided to go to this diner we go to once a year.  It has changed hands and had a new name and a makeover inside.  It was good so wasn't a disappointing dinner.  Today, it was knitting and laundry and back to work tomorrow. 


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