Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

This week's Ten on Tuesday topic is The Ten Last Books You Have Read. Reviews would be nice, too!   I love to read so this will be fun.  I do find that knitting, spinning and playing on the computer do eat into my reading time but I have spent a few hours some weekends just lost in a book.  I'm hoping to add to my GoodReads list by reading everyone else's lists.

1)  Last Chance Knit & Stitch (Last Chance #6) by Hope Ramsay.  I thought it was ok, a basic little romance.  I haven't read the other Last Chance stories, just happened to pick this one up at Target because of the mention of knitting.
2)  Clammed Up by Barbara Ross.  This was more a cozy type mystery that takes place in ME which is why I bought it.  I like these type books, easy reading, no real gore in them like some mysteries.  A little romance.
3)  Cast On, Kill Off (A Knitting Mystery #10) by Maggie Sefton.  I like these and have every one in the series.  I'm always a book behind because I wait for them to come out in paperback.  A quick fun read with familiar characters.
4)  Secret Santa by Fern Michaels.  It was ok, sorry but I can't even remember what it was about.  I read it while on Holiday break from work.
5)  Christmas on Main Street by JoAnn Ross.  Another one I read while on Holiday break, needed to read about the holidays.
6)  Rumor Has It (Animal Magnetism #4) by Jill Shavis.  Another one I really like and have read and own every one in the series.
7)  The Perfect Match (Blue Heron #2) by Kristan Higgins.  I like her books also and have quite a few of them.  Nice, quick little reads for me.
8)  Yarn to Go (Yarn Retreat #1) by Betty Hechtman.  First one in a new series and I look forward to the ones that follow.  Another cozy type mystery with yarn.
9)  Honey, Do You Need a Ride?: Confessions of a Fat Runner by Jennifer Graham.  Eh, read it but wasn't to thrilled with it.  She seemed to spend more time going on about her size which is more average size than very overweight.
10)  The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl by Shauna Reid.  This one wasn't bad, I actually enjoyed reading about the period of her life that she wrote about.