Sunday, November 12, 2006

Charity Knitting and other WIP's

Here is what I have been working on so far. The Blue Hat and the Green WIP Hat are going to my local Spinning Guild for a local homeless shelter. The larger Red Scarf is going to the Red Scarf Project. The smaller red scarf will probably go to the Red Scarf project if I get it done in time, otherwise, it will go to Dulaan or to my hairdresser next year as her Xmas gift. I have been digging through the stash pulling out yarns to use for Charity Knitting. I signed up for the Dulaan 10,000 and have 5 projects planned. I have also gone through all the scarves and small projects I have previously knitted but never gifted on anyone. I found a few I forgot I had and have to figure out if they are going to be gifts this year or go to my mother's church fair or another charity. My mother started knitting again but so far only garter stitch scarves and hats. She gave me some that didn't sell at the church fair and they are also going to the Spinning Guild charity project.