Sunday, April 27, 2008


This is Gust from Knitspot knit with Knit Picks Gossamer. I think it is the Sweet Pea colorway. Very fun knit. Took me about 2 months. I started out knitting about a repeat a day at home but then brought it to work which gave me less knitting time. It should have given me an hour a day, but with the tinking while talking and the days with no lunch, it just dragged on. I have so many more of Anne's pattern waiting to knit but have a few projects on the needles and won't cast on till some more are done.

I meant to go to CT Sheep and Wool this weekend but didn't feel good most of the week so I stayed home and switched my winter for my summer clothes. I also filled a bag to donate so that felt good. I spent today flipping through a bunch of Interweave Knits to find a sweater to knit for my nephew. I have a few contenders but none are really saying "knit me" so I will keep looking. I know I have a few Yankee Knitter patterns and I know I have knit one of them for him before so I hope there is another one here that will call out to me.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


These are in my back flower garden. Just this small group. There is also a littlle group of Daffodils and some Tulips. I love the tulips and have to take some pictures of them this weekend. Not too much knitting so far this week. A sinus headache every night has put a stop to that. I just tend to sit and stare at the TV till I go to sleep. The only good thing is I have been shutting everything off and taking the contacts out an hour earlier. That I would like to stick as I don't sleep through the night and any extra z's will help.

I did get some yarn in the mail today. I plan to wind it and start a new shawl this weekend. I already have it on the needles in another yarn but I am just not loving the yarn. For some reason, it seems to give me a headache so I am donating it to a local senior home along with a bunch of other yarn that my mother and I have decided we just aren't going to use. Pictures will follow this weekend.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Buttercup Baby Sweater - FO

This is a baby gift for a shower I have to go to in a few weeks. It is for a co-worker who now works in NY State. It was a chunky weight yarn and would have been a quick knit if I worked on it more. I started it in February thinking I had a lot of time as I didn't plan to go visit her with another co-worker till late May. Then, the shower invite came from her Mom and now it is coming right up. I love the buttons, they are heart shaped bone buttons.

Gust is done and on the blocking board. I wound some yarn today for one of the new Knitspot scarf patterns and for the Flutter scarf by MimKnits. I have moved another scarf started during Malabrigo March into my work knitting bag. After that, the Knitspot pattern will be next. The Flutter scarf I am planning for my vacation knitting but that may change.

I need to finish my Mabel's scarf and then I have a Gothic Leaf stole on the needles but I don't know if I like the yarn with the pattern so I may rip that out. I want to start my nephew's sweater this week but haven't picked a pattern yet. I saw a sample of a Jamieson sweater at my favorite yarn shop last week but I didn't see if the new book it is in is out yet. So much I want to make but just not enough time.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Afghan Square

Here is my finished afghan square without the leaves that went on top and the icord in the very center. It says you either love the leaves or not so I decided not and left them off. It was a fun knit and now I have been checking out afghan patterns and have 3 in my queue at Ravelry. I think I will slowly make one in squares when I feel like knitting one.

I have still been working on Gust when I take lunch at work. My home knitting is now a baby sweater that I need to finish for a shower the first weekend in May. I have the back, fronts and the two sleeves done. I started the hood this morning and just have the button bands after that.

I finally managed to get to my favorite shop in Deep River today and picked up a skein of sock yarn for my sisters birthday, some size 3 Addi Lace needles and 4 bone Heart shaped buttons for the baby sweater. I also picked up a skein of Schaefer Anne in some blues and greens, very pretty. I wasn't sure what I was going to make with it till I got home and looked at Anne's new patterns at Knitspot. While ordering the 2 new ones, I also picked up Ostrich Plumes which will be perfect for my new yarn. Other than all this shopping, I did get the new Knitters but really don't see anything in it I might want to make. Ideas maybe to use for something else, but nothing straight out of there.
I haven't really slept through the night starting on Tuesday, my calf muscle still hurts from the cramp last week. I got home from work and noticed bruising below my ankle bone on the inside of my left ankle. That is still hurting and now the bruise. I went to the Dr. on Thursday during my lunch and she thinks the muscle tore and bled which caused the bruising. Today, I noticed it is also bruised on the outside ankle below the bone. I think my clogs also don't help as they tend to hit right at the spots that bruised. The calf pain is less today though now my arch in my foot hurts a little but I think that is also from the brusing and when I prop my foot up, it tends to be on the arch. So tomorrow, I plan to keep my foot up on a hassack and knit and watch TV all day.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

A bag and some knitting

I had plans to go to the Nutmeg Spinners guild on Saturday but I was exhausted and went to bed at 10 Friday night with the plan that if I woke up at 7 and felt all right, I would go, if not I would sleep. Sleep I did till around 8 or 8:15, though I did get up in the night but it was mostly a half way decent nights sleep. I had woken up Friday morning at 1 AM with a leg cramp that almost made me pass out. I talked with the nurse at my Dr's office on Friday while at work and in pain and she looked it up and the last time I had one that bad was late spring 2005. My parents both get them so I tried all sorts of stuff in the middle of the night but nothing seemed to work. The Dr. seemed to think I must have had some muscle tears from it which is what she thought last time, too.

Anyway, my plan after ditching the guild was to go to my favorite yarn shop in Deep River and just sit around. My sister called with the idea to go to a few Coldwater Creek stores that were having a 70% off sale so off we went. This bag was one purchase. It is a computer bag but I plan to use it as a knitting bag. I didn't need another knitting bag but I couldn't resist. I may use it to tote my knitting to work as right now I use a tote bag I won at work. Besides that, I bought 5 shirts and a pair of earrings plus a pair of earrings for my mother (she needs clips and I always look wherever I am).

Still plugging away at work on Gust, at home on Mabels scarf. I finished the square for the afghan for charity and it is now blocking.

I have been adding to my que on Ravelry and have joined so many groups that I don't know when I will read them all. I really have to go through and leave some and just stay on the ones that really interest me. I have found so many patterns through Ravelry and it is great to find new designers and re-visit ones that I had forgotten.