Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

This Rose was from a co-workers gift for Administratve Assistant Day one year.  The whole bouquet was just gorgeous and I took quite a few pictures of it.

The Ten on Tuesday topic for 8/31 is 10 Ways to Lighten Your Mood.

1)  Chocolate - Plain old Hershey Kisses are the favorite, M & M's would be second.
2)  Ice Cream - Chocolate, Cookie Dough, anything Skinny Cow
3)  Read a mindless slighty trashy (or all trashy)  novel - a mindless romance will do fine.
4)  Knit - Something that you love knitting.
5)  Play on Ravelry - searching out new projects
6)  Play with the kitties - they love a laser toy I bought them.
7)  Text a friend - I have one friend that always makes me laugh.
8)  Watch some Tennis -It's US Open time, if no tennis, baseball or College basketball will do.
9)  Listen to a Podcast, there are so many good ones out there now.
10) Check out puppies on the internet, decisions are so tough.

Baby sweater should be done tonight, less than 6 rows to go.  Red Scarf Project is about 7 inches along, long way to go but I get a few inches done every day at lunch.

I can't wait for the long weekend.  I will probably start a new project, most likely the leg warmers as I need to make three pairs and I need to get my tester ones done and to the recipient to try them out.


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