Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

The Ten on Tuesday topic for May 27th is 10 Things You Did This Weekend.

1)  Went to MA Sheep and Wool and had a  great time.
2)  Had lunch after MA Sheep and Wool at Bub's Barbeque in Sunderland, MA.
3)  Went to WEBS after the Sheep and Wool Festival and really didn't buy that much but that was mostly because I was there last week for their Tent sale.
4)  Had frozen yogurt on the way home from MA Sheep and Wool.
5)  Finished the knitting on my second Through The Loops mystery shawl, Germinate.
6)  Wound yarn for the upcoming Through the Loops Mystery shawl and my Camp Loopy project one and got them all in their knitting bags ready to begin on June 1st.
7)  Did the first day of week one of a Couch to 5K podcast.  Have another one to try also this week to decide which one I'm going to follow for the full program.
8)  Finished reading Orphan Train, I really liked it.
9)  Ate way too  much peanut butter/chocolate fudge that I bought at MA Sheep and Wool.
10)  Watched some French Open tennis while knitting.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

The Ten on Tuesday topic for May 20th is 10 Things You Want to Try. It could be foods, hobbies, travels - the sky is the limit on this one!

1)  More cooking - I want to try some new recipes.
2)  Needle Felting - I've done it before at the spinning guild I used to belong to.  But, I went to a Felting store in Easthampton, MA and will be taking a class this summer on needle felting a sheep.
I can't wait to make the sheep.  I have a few kits from previous festivals that I want to find and do after I attend the class.
3)  Double Drive on the Ladybug wheel - I plan on having my friend Kim help me set it up so I can play at dd all summer.
4)  Toe up socks - I haven't tried this yet but I do want to soon.
5)  Magic Loop Socks - I recently bought some needles so now just need to try it.
6)  Strength Training - I do a little now with a Tony Little bar with stretchy bands.  I have a DVD and kettleball and want to try that out this Spring/Summer.
7)  Books on Tape - I want to try listening to a book this summer.  I have doubts of my ability to actually pay attention to the story while I am knitting or spinning.
8)  Yogo - I went a few years ago and have a few DVD's but want to schedule at least one weekly session either at a yoga place or with the DVD's.
9)  Photography - I want to play more with my camera's and eventually want to get a Nikon that will use all my old lenses from my film camera.
10)  Organizing the stash - this weekend I started and consolidated 3 buckets into 2.  The yarn that was pulled out will either be donated or given to my sister or some friends.