Thursday, January 29, 2004

The front of Banff II is done. I started the sleeves and then thought they were too wide so ripped them out, played with the numbers and started again. According to the pattern, I have enough yarn but I usually worry and I hope the changes to the sleeve will save me some yarn.

I cast on for the back of the Must Have and knit about 2 rows. I have to measure my niece to make sure the finished size 38 will fit her. She is very thin but I am used to making her sweaters oversized and usually make her a sweater in the 40 inch range. She is 15 and I keep a record of her measurements but haven't checked them in a year so she may have grown some. I know she has gotten a little taller.

I haven't started the next Bea Ellis hat. I hope to cast on for that this weekend and at least work a bit on the cotton lining. That part took me months on the first one. I just didn't like knitting the cotton, not sure why.

Friday, January 23, 2004

The skier hat is done. I also ordered enough yarn for another from Bea Ellis and that arrived this week. My niece prefers the new colors so her father will get the one that is done as soon as I take some pictures of it. I should cast on for it or she won't be wearing it till next winter.

I started a Banff II in a chunky acrylic I had in the stash. Not sure if I will rip Banff I or eventually finish it, I am thinking rip. I got Stitch and Bitch out of the library and there is another sweater in there by Jenna that I plan to make with some more of the acrylic in the stash in a different color. My mother also requested a sweater so I dug out more of the acrylic in another color for her today and will make her a plain cardigan after Banff is done.

Today's UPS delivery brought my Must Have Cardigan pattern that has been on back order. The yarn is waiting in my room so I will be casting on for that this weekend.

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

The back of Banff is done. The yarn isn't my favorite though, it makes me itch and sheds. My thumb gets very itchy while knitting with it. I plan to knit on it when I am not working. When I am working, I hope to get in a few rows on the Must Have Cardigan (when the pattern arrives that is) or another project before and after work depending on my hours on any particular day.

I took a break before I finished the back and made a baby hat to go with the baby sweater. I combined a few patterns to make a hat that will match the sweater. I made a different hat to match when I made the same sweater for my hairdresser for her first child. But, I wanted to try a different hat so I did, and I actually took a few notes so that if the hat fits correctly, I will have a hat to make that matches the next time I make one.

I am also finishing up a Bea Ellis skier hat for my niece. My fair isle knitting needs more practice. The begining was fine, but the skier section bunches up and then the top is better. I guess my first fair isle project will have to be a nice even pattern where I can better keep my tension correct.

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

The baby sweater is done except for the ribbon that goes around the neckline and the sleeve cuffs. I haven't felt like searching to see if I have any and will probably just pick some up before I deliver the sweater to my hairdresser.

Well, Banff is started. I thought it was Annabel Fox yarn but it is actually Rowan Fox Tweed Chunky. I have about 3 inches done so far and it is coming along. I am making the smaller size even though it will not be oversized on me. I may make another after in some acrylic I have and that one I will adjust a little to make it a nice all around sweater. I have a few oversized sweatshirts that I put on at night after work and they get worn and thrown in the wash weekly and that is what will happen to an acrylic one if I get around to making it. The Rowan one will be a special occasion one, not a hang around the house all the time one.

Sunday, January 04, 2004

The baby blanket is done. The baby sweater is almost done. I haven't decided yet whether to make my hairdresser's daughter a teddy bear sweater to give to her with a beanie baby or a little felted bag like the one in the latest Knitters. First thing I have planned to make in Knitters in years. Since I love to felt stuff, I will probably make the little felted bag and probably put a little stuffed animal in it.

I found the yarn and swatched for Banff but the yarn was too thick/thin and just didn't look good in rib. So, back into the stash it went and out came some Annabel Fox Chunky Tweed to try and swatch next. It is a gorgeous brown tweed and will probably look very nice if I can get it to work. If not, I plan to get the Street Smart pattern book by Patons soon and will start the Must Have Cardigan for my niece or maybe me since Kate has upsized it for everyone.

I haven't worked on the Worm Bag or the Pattern binders yet but since the holidays are over and I have been working retail, our hours were cut this week so I will be home most of the time job hunting and cleaning up a few things.