Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

The Ten on Tuesday topic for 10/25 is 10 Best Halloween Costumes You've Ever Seen.
1)  A Jellyfish - don't know how to describe this one and I don't have a picture but it was kind of like she had an umbrella above her head with all tentacles hanging down around it.  The Office manager at work did this a few years ago.
2)  A frog - last year a co-workers grandson was a frog, he was just crawling and it was the cutiest thing I have ever seen.  He is a cute friendly little boy so I may be biased.
3)  M and M's - these were sewn costumes and I think I was in high school and someone made them in sewing class.
4)  For dog costumes, a girl I know has a biker costume for her yorkiepoo mix that is just adorable.  The one above is her Pirate costume.
I'm not a Halloween fan as I tend to not like the costumes where you can't see who it is so don't usually pay attention to costumes anymore.  My niece and nephew are now grown and I don't see trick or treaters anymore.  Relatives used to stop over with the young ones but don't really do that anymore.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ten on Tuesday and Rhinebeck recap

The Ten on Tuesday topic for 10/18 is 10 Ways to Eat Pumpkin.
I only eat Pumpkin one way.
1) Chocolate cupcakes made with canned Pumpkin.  A recipe from Hungry Girl.  One box of Devils food cake mix and one can of Pumpkin.  Yummy. 
Rhinebeck was nice.  I had my list of shops I wanted to visit:
Miss Babs - always wanted to see her stuff in person - came home with skein of sock yarn and a pattern
Spirit Trail - always shop here, came home with two skeins, one of Sunna and one of Orihime.
Socks That Rock - usually find more but nothing grabbed me so I came home with one skein of lightweight.
I also bought:
Periwinkle Sheep - skein of sock yarn in Rhinebeck 2011 color, plus some stitch markers.
Bag Handles - I really liked some fancy handles but bought a pair of cheaper ones to try out.
Knitted Bee - I bought a cute bee who is now hanging behind my bed from the Bartlett Yarns booth.
A bumper sticker and two pins.
Felting kit from Sheep Shed.
I didn't know Signature needles would be there and I wasn't sure what size I wanted so I went away empty handed.  I will get a pair eventually.
I tasted some potato chips and cheese in the wine building but never went back to pick anything up.
I ended my day at Taste Buds for a bottle of water amd 2 cookie bars for the road.
We actually had little traffic in and out and ended up parked right near the entrance.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

The Ten on Tuesday topic for 10/11/2011 is 10 Things I did this weekend.
1)  got stuck in traffic on the highway
2)  went to my favorite YS - that's when I got stuck on the highway.
3)  bought some yarn - 3 skeins of Berroco Ultra Alpaca, 2 shown above.
4)  played with baby Miriam.
5)  delivered a knitted baby gift to the baby's momma for the new baby boy or girl due next week.
6)  ate some Wendy's - twice if you count Friday's lunch.
7)  watched some baseball, football, nascar.
8)  knit more than usual.
9)  read less than usual.
10)  seached for my SS card which I found in a spot I almost didn't check.