Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ten on Tuesday - Happy Holidays

The Ten on Tuesday topic for 12/20 is 10 Things You Have to Do Before Christmas/Hannukah/The Weekend.
1)  Find all the presents that I hid away.
2)  Wrap all the presents. 
3)  Buy some wine.
4)  Deliver a few gifts at work.
5)  Make it through the rest of the work week - through Thursday afternoon.
6)  Pick up some groceries.
7)  Go to the bank - WEBS visit day after Christmas.
8)  Bake some cookies - if my friend remembers to bring me her recipe.
9)  Send a Thank You email to some co-workers from out of state that sent me a cute card.
10)  Double check to see if I missed anyone on my Christmas card list, if yes, write a list to get them a Happy New Year card to send out to them.  Especially if there is no way to get a card to them before the weekend.

Have a very Happy Holiday weekend!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

The Ten on Tuesday topic for 12/13 is 10 Hostess Gift Ideas.  I don't go to many parties so this is just what I would probably think of bringing with me.
1)  Wine
2)  Candle
3)  Food - cake, cookies
4)  Plant - nice indoor plant, spider plant, Christmas Cactus
5)  Flowers - fresh, cut flowers in a nice vase
6)  Decoration - flag for outside, outside planter
7)  Herb Garden - small one for windowsill
8)  Fresh Coffee beans and grinder - if they are coffee lovers
9)  CDs - if you know some of their favorite musicians
10)  Gift Certificate - local restaurant

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

The Ten on Tuesday topic for 12/6 is 10 Favorite Holiday Traditions. We don't have too many holiday traditions at our house but these are a few I do every year.

1) Visit my favorite yarn shop. My father likes to bake and he makes two of the people there Cardomen bread and I deliver it and we hang out for a while. It's been yearly thing for the past few years. Just set up this years for a few weeks from now.

2) Xmas dinner - always around 1 o'clock. It's followed by the opening of the gifts with my sister and her kids.

3) The train. My father has his childhood train and it goes around the bottom of the tree. He has changed it a little and build a platform for another train. He also has a smaller train that goes back and forth but not sure if that one is also going to be going this year. He's also adding another train this year and I don't know where that is going or if any of the others are sitting out a year. Will see as soon as it all gets put up.

4) Stockings - we used to hang these out on a door but don't do that anymore. I may have to find mine and put it up anyway.

5) Dollar gifts. We were a small family of 4 so we used to buy 3 $1 gifts for each person so we had more to open. It finally go to large with my parents, me, my sister, her husband (now ex) and her 2 kids. Plus, you don't get what you used to for a $1 anymore and we used to go over. I kinda miss this as we'd get stamps, pens, etc.

6) Reindeer. We have a few lighted reindeer for the yard, I like them.

7) Xmas cookies. Spritz cookies with food coloring. For some reason I like the colored ones better than the plain ones.

8) Day after Xmas shopping. My mother and I go out and get cards and paper for the following year. This year,, I am going to WEBS the day after and will push back our shopping till Tuesday. We aren't as excited as we used to be since one of the large card shops closed up a few years ago.

9) Lights. I like to ride around looking at the lights. I don't like driving at night so it's a good thing there is a nice stretch of lights on my ride home from work every night. We have a local park that has lots of lights and I try to go once every year.

10) Xmas cactus. It actually has about 12 flowers this year. It had about 5 last year and I think the first year it had 1 so it is improving every year.