Sunday, May 30, 2004

The buttons and ends were sewn in this morning on the top down sweater. I even had some yarn left over. It is a little large so I think I will stop with the summer sweaters for now. I have 3 done this year and that is enough for this summer.

I do plan to start working on my Whitby Gansey again. Will have to get that out this afternoon. I also started on the baby blanket and that is a little ways along.

I have to get into the cellar and pull out the yarn for my nephews birthday sweater and then into the bucket in my room for the yarn for my nieces Tricot sweater. Plus, I need to rip out the Must Have and put that yarn back into the cellar for the time being.

I went up to MA yesterday for the MA Sheep and Wool festival in Cummington, MA. Was a nice day visiting with friends even though it was a little windy. I bought some patterns and picked up some yarn from Claudia at Countrywool. The Briggs and Little/Cottage Craft copper color is gorgeous, more of a pink color in person. It is destined to be St. Brigid which I will swatch and start this summer. One of the people I met up with Rachel, had on a St. Brigid that makes me even more want to drag out the needles and start one.
Then I went to Webs and hadn't been in years. Brought home more patterns and a cone of wool yarn. After that, I went to Walmart and bought a Turkey Roaster to dye wool in because I am a lemming and that is what I do.

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

The poncho is done. I ended up adding the two triangles into the front V's and then picked up stitches along the shoulders and made a strip on each side. It now fits fine and I wore it to a guild meeting last night. A picture of the poncho is at my website:

I have one sleeve of the top down almost done and I think I may just have enough yarn without adding the additional color at the ribbings. Pattern calls for 1200 and I have about 1030 but I also want to make it about 3 - 4 inches shorter so it just might work out.

Haven't ripped out the Must Have yet or started any of the gifts I need to make. I have to pick up the yarn for a baby blanket within the next 2 days so I can at least start that. I did start a preemie hat today to get done for next months Guild meeting.

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Most of the poncho is knit and put together. It is more open around the neck than the Colinette ones from what I can see of Wendy's. So, I am now making triangles to fit into the front and back and close them up a little. Other than that, I like it and will be finishing it up over the weekend to wear to my guild meeting next week if I go.

I am still working on the top-down. Have to work on the sleeves next as I only have 2 skeins of the red left.

I will probably abandon the Must Have and eventually make it at a later date. My niece will probably get Tricot from Magknits for her birthday sweater this year. My nephew's birthday is first and I plan to make him a vest or sweater from a Design by Louise pattern that I have.

I bought the new Debbie Macomber book that has knitting in it but haven't started it yet. I have a bunch of books from the library to read first.

I am very sorry to read that Michele Wyman passed away. One of my first sweaters that I actually wear is one of hers and I put it away for the summer today.