Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

The above picture wasn't taken on vacation but it was taken in Stonington, CT.  They have a fair the first weekend of August and I will be there this Saturday, weather permitting.  So far, weather looks good.  They have a tag sale, some crafts, a large book sale (which is what I head to though last year's purchases are still in the tote bag I brought them home in) and we (my parents and I) usually eat one of the restaurants in the town.  My parents have been going for years to this fair, I think I have been going the past 5 or so.  Before we actually leave Stonington, we drive to a parking area near their beach and that is where the picture above was taken one year.

The Ten on Tuesday topic for August 3rd is 10 Things To Bring on Vacation.

Since I went on vacation to Knitting Camp in early July, here is some of what I brought with me.

1) Knitting - 5 projects worth, only worked on 2 of them.
2) A Good Book - don't think I opened it but if I wasn't at knitting camp, I would have.
3) Magazines - don't think I brought any but for a regular vacation, would have brought some to look at.
4) A camera - Brought, didn't use.
5) Clothes and Toiletries
6) Snacks and Drinks
7) A Fan - Even with the heat, I never took it out of the car.
8) A comfy chair - love my folding chair
9) My new little pop up table - loved my new table, yeah for Cabela's.
10) Money - this I spent, on yarn and other stuff.
I can't believe it is already August.  Maybe it is time for another vacation.


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