Friday, August 27, 2004

I have finally been working on Whitby again. I have split the front for the neck and have about 3 more inches left to do. My nieces hat has been started and I worked on that at my parents cottage last weekend while there was a power outage and the most light was at the table on the porch. My nephews sweater was navy so that got left on the couch until the lights came back on. His sweater is coming along slowly as I only work on it on the weekends.

The sweater for my niece is still stalled but I have been swatching some more and I think I am going to just do the pattern the way I like the way it works instead of the way the pattern has it.

The lining got sewn in and the button is on and I will take some pictures when I finish my nieces hat so I can get the camera working for both of them at once.

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Not much knitting going on around here. I have a swollen spot between my first and second knuckle on my hand. Not sure what I did but I think I bent my fingers back and injured the second one. No real pain, just a swollen spot that occasionally hurts when I bend my finger up.

No more progress on my nephew's sweater. My nieces sweater with the yarn from Elann was started and then ripped and then I have been swatching the pattern with another yarn. Will start that up soon. I did finally start my niece's skier hat from Bea Ellis. I made the same one (different color) that I gave to her father last year when she preferred the new color.

I did play with a pocket to try out felting a yarn that I got years ago in a guild auction. It didn't really felt that well when I knit it on the 10.5's but I think it probably would be fine if knit on 8's or 9's. Not sure if I will ever use it though, it may just go to the Salvation Army with some other yarn I have.

This week I do plan on sewing in the lining to my orange Sophie bag for my mother. Have to get some orange thread this weekend.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Well, I have been having a ton of trouble with blogspot and blogger lately so I have another blog at that you can check out. We will see which one I keep.

I have split my nephews sweater for front and back and am working on that. He will be spending the weekend with me so I wng else to work on in front of him.

I finished my niece's garter stitch tank out of Cotton Ease from a FCEK magazine. A picture can be found here:

I also sewed in the lining of her Sophie bag and that is also in the picture.

The orange Sophie bag for my mother is done and a picture will be taken as soon as it is dry and the lining is sewn in.

Whitby has been left out again as I am planning a sweater for my father and a few felted bags to use up some yarn.