Friday, June 25, 2004

The first of the Sophie bags are done. I used up the whole skein of yarn. I made the handles about 24 inches long before felting and added a button flap. As it was drying, my mother saw it and then wanted one. I told her that maybe I was already planning hers. So, I have to make 2 more, one for my mother and one for my niece. I do have an extra skein of the color I bought for me but will probably make felted mittens with it.

When I mentioned buying the Canadiana to add to my nephew's sweater, I forgot to add that I also bought some Reynolds Signature in a rust to make me a sweater and then a variegated and matching solid for another baby sweater.

Since finishing Sophie I, I have finished the back of the Judy Pascale Elongated Beaded bag and cast on and have about an inch of the front done. I will eventually head to JoAnne Fabric's and see what I can find to use for handles, I am thinking leather cord or something like that.

I also cast on for my nieces Tricot from MagKnits. I changed the bottom hem and plan to use a placket opening instead of a zipper. I bought some cool buttons and even went back for more (and will probably need 2 more) as I might add slits at the waist and wrists and put buttons there. So far, it is all in my imagination but that is the plan for now.

Friday, June 18, 2004

The baby blanket is done. I also finished a baby sweater to go with it. I am presently working on a Sophie bag from MagKnits. I also have yarn to make my mother one. I bought a skein of yarn (Canadiana) to make my the cuffs on my nephews sweater. I have the yarn out for my nieces sweater and plan to cast on today. I meant to last night but was working on Sophie.

The Knitting Guild I go to had it's annual auction Tuesday night. I ended up winning some ribbon type yarn that I plan to use to make a poncho out of an old Vogue Knitting. I was at a LYS last weekend and they had one made from the magazine. I dug mine out and then won the yarn to make it. I may have enough to make another for my niece. The women next to me gave me a little of her winnings, too. Some Aqua Cotton Fleece that will most likely become hats. She also gave me some Aqua/Turqoise that was an almost finished sweater. I plan to rip it out and make a Sophie bag for my niece out of it, as it looks like and feels like Lambs Pride Worsted which will felt nicely.

I have been doing some dyeing in the turkey roaster. I used some Red Grape on some white roving that I found laying around. It came out really pretty with some purple and then lighter pink. Then I found some bumps of a beige/tan/gray roving that I dyed with some Cardinel. It came out with some rust and then darker browns/greys. Very neat looking. I am still working on getting my order ready for some more dyes so I can do up some more that I have in the stash.

Thursday, June 03, 2004

Secret Pals revealed.

The person who had me was Carrie at
She has only been knitting a year and has made some great tops.

The person I had is Michelle at She is a knitter/spinner and I have enjoyed her blog as I sent her the secret pal gifts.

I have been working on the baby blanket. I did dig out the yarn for my niece and nephew's sweaters but I need a skein for my nephews unless I did something out of the stash. Not sure what I want to use for the ribbings on his sweater. The pattern calls for a worsted cotton and then the sweater is made in a chunky/bulky weight yarn. I am using up some acrylic (not sure where the sweater will be and who will be washing it) and may just use a worsted acrylic with it instead of cotton.

I did take out the swift and skein winder and wound up all my Cottage Craft and swatched it a little. Ummm, have to start it soon. Well, as soon as I at least get a bit done on my niece and/or nephews b-day sweaters.

I hope to take out the turkey roaster this weekend and dye up a little roving. I have to order my dyes but I found 2 packages that I can play with now. Plus 6 more that I plan to use after I spin the yarn and then I will dye it and then it will become a sweater from an old knitters.

So nice to be energized and raring to go fiberwise.