Sunday, May 30, 2010

C'est La Vie

Here's my C'est La Vie by Fiddlesticks Knitting.  The yarn is some Tivoli Celtic Aran which I think is a superwash.  It will be nice and warm come fall.  It is a too hot for it now here.  It's more of an olive green but I couldn't get a good picture of the color.

Citron is still work knitting.  I knitted about 20 rows on the socks between yesterday and today.  Hope to get to the toe tomorrow.  I am slowly working on the top down sweater, a few rows at a time.

Besides that, I had my surgery on Thursday, I left my house at about 9:30 and was home before 11.  My parents thought it was cancelled but it wasn't, it was just quick. I felt fine that day but it hurt that night and sleeping didn't really happen at all.  Mostly tossing and turning.  I missed out on MA Sheep and Wool which I really enjoy but I didn't want to sit in a car for about 5 hours.  On Friday, I did go to a YS that I hadn't been to in about 3 years.  My father went with me and drove home as sitting in the car did bother me.  They had some items on sale similar to WEBS so I went to get some yarn to make some gifts and also ended up with some yarn for me.  Saturday, I went to my favorite shop and hung out for a while.  Last night was mostly sleepless too as I did something to my shoulder last week and it hurts more when I sleep.  Plus, the neighbors were out in their pool and yelling and screaming till well after midnight (maybe 2 am). 

Tomorrow, I plan to just hang out like today and read and knit.  I finished Sweater Quest and am now onto some book a co-worker let me borrow.  If you are in the states, Happy Memorial Day tomorrow. 

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Eyelet Baby Cardigan FO

Here's the Eyelet Baby Cardigan out of Feza Baby.  I decided it is going to the man at work who is expecting a baby grand-daughter.  I added the ribbon ties around the wrists to make it a little more feminine.  The buttons are Beatrix Potter bunny rabbits which is kind of an inside joke with the man at work.  We usually have a few bunnies around outside our building and he has loaded up the window sill in my office with bunnies of all kinds, mostly ceramic.

Work knitting is still Citron.  I think I am on section 3 now but with the longer rows, I am getting less done.
I worked about 6 rows on the Knitspot socks.  I haven't woven in the ends yet on C'est La Vie but plan to work on that and the socks when I am home next weekend.  I have about 10 more inches on my other top down sweater and went to Country Yarns on Friday (got out of work early) and bought some new buttons for it.  I also bought some cute metal buttons with cats on them.  My mother liked these so I may have to go get more so that I can use them on the sweater I am making her eventually and then save one set for me.

My surgery is still planned for this week so MA Sheep and Wool won't happen this weekend.  I am fine with it.  I hope to just work on getting more done on my socks and the top down sweater. 

I am now reading Sweater Quest and have decided that I am going to start a Starmore by fall.  I have 2 sets of yarn that were purchased for specific sweaters and the swatch was even done on one of them.  I am having fun poking around Ravelry now and have added a bunch to my favorites and now just have to figure out what one I will start in the fall.  I am not getting any younger and I really wanted to knit some of these when I bought the books and yarn so I really am going to just do it come fall.  I am sure it will take me awhile as I will also be knitting other stuff but I am not going to wait any longer. 

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mondo Cable Cardi FO

Here's my Mondo Cable Cardi by Chicknits that I knit with the Knitmore Girls Podcast knit a long.  The yarn is some Valley Yarns Northampton from WEBS.  The buttons have some Abalone in them and I love them.  I bought them for another sweater and bought the yarn to match but I don't even remember what that sweater was.  I think it was a Berocco one.  This was a fun knit but I was glad to be done.

The lunch knitting baby sweater is done and blocking.  The Fiddlesticks C'est La Vie is done except for the weaving in of ends.  I will do that sometime this week.  I did 3 rows today which was more than I planned.  I had been doing a row a day of the ruffle because there are so many stitches and my hands hurt when I am done.

I haven't knit at all on the socks.  Maybe now that the C'est La Vie is done, I will get back to the socks.  I have done a few rows on the top down cardigan that has been patiently waiting.

For my lunch knitting, I did end up starting the Berocco scarf that I had yarn for.  I did about 2 repeats at lunch, didn't like how it turned out.  I looked at it again when I got home and ripped it out.  I did like the Berocco Ultra Alpaca fine and asked my mother if she would like a Citron and she tried mine on.  She liked it so that is now my lunch knitting.  I am on section 2 and it will slow down a little now as the rows get longer.

I brought Citron with me to the yarn shop in Deep River this weekend but only took it out of the bag to show them what it looked like.  I bought more buttons for the baby sweater and I think these will work as they are a little smaller.  The rest of the time we spent discussing Knitting Camp which is about 6 weeks away.  I can't wait but I keep changing what I plan to knit while I am there.  I usually bring about 3 things including something easy and usually a shawl.  This year, I think it will be a pair of socks, a shawl and either a sweater or vest.  But, I am sure I will change my mind many times over the next 6 weeks.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Gloria Scarf

This scarf is the Gloria scarf from the Lionbrand webpage.  I used some Great Adirondacks yarn.  I can't find in Ravelry but the yarn is old (at least 10 years) so maybe it is no longer made.  I had 2 skeins, 2 different dyelots so I knit the squares and then attached them later alternating colorways.  It was supposed to be knit in one piece, picking up each square off of the one before it.  It was a fun knit, was good for lunch knitting.

My lunch knitting now is still the baby sweater.  I am on the last sleeve and should finish that tomorrow.  I bought some button possibilites at that yarn shop on Saturday.  Not sure what will be next, either the start of the next lace shawl which would be easy lunch knitting for the beginning as the rows are short.  I do also have a Berocco scarf pattern with yarn waiting so maybe that.  Not sure who that scarf will be for but it looked interesting and I wanted to make it.

At home, ruffle one on my Fiddlesticks shawl/stole is done.  Used up exactly one skein of yarn.  This next ruffle is larger and will use up more so I will have to go into another skein.  That will leave me one full skein plus leftovers and I will probably make a cable hat or something out of it.  I cast on most of the ruffle stitches last night and finished and counted the stitches multiple times today.  I just finished one row.  This will be a row a night thing and I don't think I will finish by next weekend.  My hands hurt too much to do much more than one row on it.

I haven't touched my socks and did about one row on the other neck down cardigan I am making.  I went and picked up the yarn that I ordered for 2 sweaters from the yarn shop this weekend.  One will be for my mother and the other for me.

My sister and my niece stopped over this morning to bring Mother's day gifts.  My niece usually brings flowers but this year, my mother and I got those fragrance diffusers with the wooded sticks.  Mine is purple and had a little charm that says "family" and my mother's is pink and says "love".  Very cute.  I bought my mother the same exact pair of earrings that I had bought her before plus a prayer box necklace and a mirror for her purse.  Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

I'm Two!

Here's Juliet.  She turns(ed) two the first weekend of May according to the rescue group I got her from.  I always celebrate in on May first.   I lost my favorite kitty, Olivia, in August of 2008 and brought home Juliet and Kayla (her birthday is the first week of June) on September 2nd of 2008.  She is on a basket that is in my room on a hope chest which is filled with a few knitting bags, some patterns and some yarn.  She has never climbed up there that I know of till a few weeks ago and I haven't seen her near there since.

Knitting wise, my Mondo Cable is done and blocking.  Just need to add the buttons and some crochet loops for them.  I haven't knit on the Knitspot socks at all.  I have gone back to another top down cardigan vest that was waiting and also pulled out a Fiddlesticks Knitting shawl/wrap that just needed to be sewn together and then have a ruffle added.  This will probably take as much yarn as the whole wrap as you do the ruffle in two sections, each over 440 stitches plus as you do two more increases before it is done.  I have 4 more rows on ruffle one and then hope to cast on ruffle two next Friday night and Saturday morning.  This has been in time out for a long time.  I plan to have it done for knitting camp and hopefully, within the next 2 weeks, it will be done.

Work knitting is still the baby sweater.  It is blue and I just found out that the baby it was to be for is going to be a girl.  I don't know if I will just add some pink ribbons and buttons to it or use it for another baby that I know will be a boy and then use the beige baby set from a few weeks ago for the girl.  Or I have one more put away that would be good for a girl so I may use that for the little girl.  Then, put this blue sweater for the baby boy I know is on the way and then use the beige for one that I don't know what it is going to be.  That may work the best and then I won't have to make another one right away. 

My planned trip to MA Sheep and Wool may not happen.  I went to see a surgeon this week and had another minor procedure and then surgery is scheduled for right before Memorial day weekend which works out as I won't loose more than one vacation day.  I am not sure it will happen though as the infections keep coming back and four weeks seems to be the time period for them to come back.  They don't want to operate until it is cleared up.  Oh well, I am going to keep a very close eye on it and the minute I think it is coming back, I am going in as I really want the surgery to work out that way.  I only have so much vacation time and my knitting camp is already paid for and I can't cancel that. 

I am itching to get back to some lace knitting and dug the skein out of the stash so it is all ready to go the minute the Fiddlesticks shawl is done.  I really can't wait.  It has been since October when I finished my Spring Things Shawl.  I did make a few Seafoam scarfs and a Citron but no really lace except on a pair of socks.  There was also a bit on a baby sweater but no real lace knitting.