Sunday, October 17, 2010


Rhinebeck was nice, a little windy and crowded, but nice.  We left around 8am and arrived at the fairgrounds around 10:30 or so.  Got a good parking spot and then the woman in front of us in line handed me 3 discount tickets so we each got in for $9.  I had a list of 6 vendors I really wanted to check out but 4 of them really didn't have anything that grabbed me so I moved on.  I ended up with the yarn above, 4 skeins of STR from the fold, two light weight and two medium weight, all mill ends, one a rare gem color.  Those are on the left of the picture.  The next two are from Spirit Trail, the one on top is Penolope and is going to be a Knitspot shawl.  The bottom one is Nonna and I am not sure what it will be.  The skein on the end is Autumn House (I think), loved the colors and had to have it.  The only other purchases were a Wild Fibers magazine and some Gita Marie jewelry which my parents have taken from me to give to me at Xmas time.  I also bought some goodies from Taste Buds but they are all gone now.  I saw a few friends but other than that, I was on a mission.  I visited the animal barns for the first time in years and visited with the sheep and goats.

Knitting wise, Mara is done.  The only thing on the needles is the Criminal Minds Knit a long kerchief/shawl and a pair of legwarmers.  I plan to start Cassidy soon as part of the Knitmore Girls knit a long.  I dug out some Plymouth Galway from the stash today and can't wait to start it.  I have to figure out my gift knitting, think I just have the 3 pair of legwarmers and that is it. 

Next up will be the Fiber Festival of New England in about 3 weeks.  I don't plan on going to Stitches, I want to save my money for the Festival.  Talking to my parents on the way to Rhinebeck I had mentioned that to make a new sweater pattern by Knitspot, the yarn would cost me between $120 and $150 depending on vendor and my father actually said, "if it is good wool, then it would be worth it".  I was shocked as I usually get yelled at for spending as much as I do on yarn when I have a whole (almost) room full of buckets of yarn in the cellar.  But, he really likes a sweater my sister got him from LL Bean that was worth about $150 (I'm sure she got it on sale) and he thought it was worth the money.  So, I may be searching out a sweater's worth of yarn at the Festival soon.


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