Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ten on Tuesday - Abbreviated

The topic for Ten on Tuesday for 10/26 is 10 Ways to Enjoy Halloween.

1) Eat some Halloween Candy.

2) Watch a horror movie, my favorite is the first Halloween.  It was on last night but I wouldn't have been able to sleep if I had watched.  I am becoming more chicken, the older I get.  I did flip channels just in time to see her stab him with the knitting needle.

3) Carve a pumpkin - I don't remember ever doing this (at least in many, many years) but have seen some that friends have done. The ones at Rhinebeck were cool.

4) Wear a costume - haven't done this is many, many years either.

5) Take a child trick or treating - used to take my niece and nephew, now they are too old.

I'm not a Halloween person so will stop at 5. We no longer give out candy or turn the lights on, my parents are over 80 and just don't enjoy it anymore.  None of the relatives stop by anymore with the younger kids and our neighborhood tends to get high schoolers so not so much fun.

I will be in the den with the door closed as our newer neighbors played Thriller for a straight hour last year at full blast. I heard it in my head many hours after they finally shut it off.

Happy Halloween!


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