Sunday, May 09, 2010

Gloria Scarf

This scarf is the Gloria scarf from the Lionbrand webpage.  I used some Great Adirondacks yarn.  I can't find in Ravelry but the yarn is old (at least 10 years) so maybe it is no longer made.  I had 2 skeins, 2 different dyelots so I knit the squares and then attached them later alternating colorways.  It was supposed to be knit in one piece, picking up each square off of the one before it.  It was a fun knit, was good for lunch knitting.

My lunch knitting now is still the baby sweater.  I am on the last sleeve and should finish that tomorrow.  I bought some button possibilites at that yarn shop on Saturday.  Not sure what will be next, either the start of the next lace shawl which would be easy lunch knitting for the beginning as the rows are short.  I do also have a Berocco scarf pattern with yarn waiting so maybe that.  Not sure who that scarf will be for but it looked interesting and I wanted to make it.

At home, ruffle one on my Fiddlesticks shawl/stole is done.  Used up exactly one skein of yarn.  This next ruffle is larger and will use up more so I will have to go into another skein.  That will leave me one full skein plus leftovers and I will probably make a cable hat or something out of it.  I cast on most of the ruffle stitches last night and finished and counted the stitches multiple times today.  I just finished one row.  This will be a row a night thing and I don't think I will finish by next weekend.  My hands hurt too much to do much more than one row on it.

I haven't touched my socks and did about one row on the other neck down cardigan I am making.  I went and picked up the yarn that I ordered for 2 sweaters from the yarn shop this weekend.  One will be for my mother and the other for me.

My sister and my niece stopped over this morning to bring Mother's day gifts.  My niece usually brings flowers but this year, my mother and I got those fragrance diffusers with the wooded sticks.  Mine is purple and had a little charm that says "family" and my mother's is pink and says "love".  Very cute.  I bought my mother the same exact pair of earrings that I had bought her before plus a prayer box necklace and a mirror for her purse.  Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers.


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