Sunday, March 14, 2010


Here's my Mondo Cable Cardi and my Duckie Sock.  I noticed today that the Duckie sock had the same colors as the bag I was keeping it in.  This is sock number two, going much slower than sock number one.  I manage only about 3 rows a day on the Cardi.

The orange baby set from the last two posts was worn by baby Miriam on her first visit to the doctor.  She was born earlier this week, a day before her due date and two days before my birthday.  I was kind of hoping she would come on my birthday but she didn't.  I hope to get to the yarn shop next Saturday to see pictures of her.

My sister was on a bead search again this weekend.  So on Saturday we went off, first looking for the apartment my niece wanted to rent and then to a yarn shop (Bayberry Knitting) not far from there.  My sister is hooked on her beaded scarves now so she bought yarn to make a friend one.  We then went to another yarn shop (Sit 'N Knit) that I had only been to their new location once before.  She bought more yarn to make another scarf.  I also made some purchases, some sock yarn and yarn for gift scarves, plus magazines.  Then we went off to the bead store to buy the matching beads.  I have found her two more beaded scarf patterns in books that I had on my bookshelf.  Thanks to Ravelry, I knew to look in them.

I spent about 2 more hours today searching Ravelry for my next sock pattern to use.  I have some yarn all lined up in my head and seem to be going down from the size 4 needles for my first socks, size 3 for the Duckies and my next will be on size 2's.  Then I am hoping to tackle a Knitspot pattern on 1's.


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