Sunday, April 06, 2008

A bag and some knitting

I had plans to go to the Nutmeg Spinners guild on Saturday but I was exhausted and went to bed at 10 Friday night with the plan that if I woke up at 7 and felt all right, I would go, if not I would sleep. Sleep I did till around 8 or 8:15, though I did get up in the night but it was mostly a half way decent nights sleep. I had woken up Friday morning at 1 AM with a leg cramp that almost made me pass out. I talked with the nurse at my Dr's office on Friday while at work and in pain and she looked it up and the last time I had one that bad was late spring 2005. My parents both get them so I tried all sorts of stuff in the middle of the night but nothing seemed to work. The Dr. seemed to think I must have had some muscle tears from it which is what she thought last time, too.

Anyway, my plan after ditching the guild was to go to my favorite yarn shop in Deep River and just sit around. My sister called with the idea to go to a few Coldwater Creek stores that were having a 70% off sale so off we went. This bag was one purchase. It is a computer bag but I plan to use it as a knitting bag. I didn't need another knitting bag but I couldn't resist. I may use it to tote my knitting to work as right now I use a tote bag I won at work. Besides that, I bought 5 shirts and a pair of earrings plus a pair of earrings for my mother (she needs clips and I always look wherever I am).

Still plugging away at work on Gust, at home on Mabels scarf. I finished the square for the afghan for charity and it is now blocking.

I have been adding to my que on Ravelry and have joined so many groups that I don't know when I will read them all. I really have to go through and leave some and just stay on the ones that really interest me. I have found so many patterns through Ravelry and it is great to find new designers and re-visit ones that I had forgotten.


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