Saturday, April 12, 2008

Afghan Square

Here is my finished afghan square without the leaves that went on top and the icord in the very center. It says you either love the leaves or not so I decided not and left them off. It was a fun knit and now I have been checking out afghan patterns and have 3 in my queue at Ravelry. I think I will slowly make one in squares when I feel like knitting one.

I have still been working on Gust when I take lunch at work. My home knitting is now a baby sweater that I need to finish for a shower the first weekend in May. I have the back, fronts and the two sleeves done. I started the hood this morning and just have the button bands after that.

I finally managed to get to my favorite shop in Deep River today and picked up a skein of sock yarn for my sisters birthday, some size 3 Addi Lace needles and 4 bone Heart shaped buttons for the baby sweater. I also picked up a skein of Schaefer Anne in some blues and greens, very pretty. I wasn't sure what I was going to make with it till I got home and looked at Anne's new patterns at Knitspot. While ordering the 2 new ones, I also picked up Ostrich Plumes which will be perfect for my new yarn. Other than all this shopping, I did get the new Knitters but really don't see anything in it I might want to make. Ideas maybe to use for something else, but nothing straight out of there.
I haven't really slept through the night starting on Tuesday, my calf muscle still hurts from the cramp last week. I got home from work and noticed bruising below my ankle bone on the inside of my left ankle. That is still hurting and now the bruise. I went to the Dr. on Thursday during my lunch and she thinks the muscle tore and bled which caused the bruising. Today, I noticed it is also bruised on the outside ankle below the bone. I think my clogs also don't help as they tend to hit right at the spots that bruised. The calf pain is less today though now my arch in my foot hurts a little but I think that is also from the brusing and when I prop my foot up, it tends to be on the arch. So tomorrow, I plan to keep my foot up on a hassack and knit and watch TV all day.


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