Wednesday, January 14, 2004

The back of Banff is done. The yarn isn't my favorite though, it makes me itch and sheds. My thumb gets very itchy while knitting with it. I plan to knit on it when I am not working. When I am working, I hope to get in a few rows on the Must Have Cardigan (when the pattern arrives that is) or another project before and after work depending on my hours on any particular day.

I took a break before I finished the back and made a baby hat to go with the baby sweater. I combined a few patterns to make a hat that will match the sweater. I made a different hat to match when I made the same sweater for my hairdresser for her first child. But, I wanted to try a different hat so I did, and I actually took a few notes so that if the hat fits correctly, I will have a hat to make that matches the next time I make one.

I am also finishing up a Bea Ellis skier hat for my niece. My fair isle knitting needs more practice. The begining was fine, but the skier section bunches up and then the top is better. I guess my first fair isle project will have to be a nice even pattern where I can better keep my tension correct.


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