Friday, January 23, 2004

The skier hat is done. I also ordered enough yarn for another from Bea Ellis and that arrived this week. My niece prefers the new colors so her father will get the one that is done as soon as I take some pictures of it. I should cast on for it or she won't be wearing it till next winter.

I started a Banff II in a chunky acrylic I had in the stash. Not sure if I will rip Banff I or eventually finish it, I am thinking rip. I got Stitch and Bitch out of the library and there is another sweater in there by Jenna that I plan to make with some more of the acrylic in the stash in a different color. My mother also requested a sweater so I dug out more of the acrylic in another color for her today and will make her a plain cardigan after Banff is done.

Today's UPS delivery brought my Must Have Cardigan pattern that has been on back order. The yarn is waiting in my room so I will be casting on for that this weekend.


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