Monday, March 31, 2003

The class went well. I ripped out what I did in class and started the sample sock again. It is out of leftover Koigu the teacher provided so it will be a lone sock unless I end up with enough to make another. It is child size. I also ordered both the Sock Wizard and the New Knitting Math Wizard this weekend. I went to a software demo after class Saturday (my class was taught by the maker of the programs and her assistant did the demo) and after I get a job, I will add the sweater wizard to my knitting software. I am still plugging along on my mothers sweater, went to another LYS yesterday and got the buttons for it. I think I have about 75 rows left to finish, the sleeves are done as part of the fronts so at least I have no sleeves to do. Of course, that makes the fronts take longer, the back was never-ending.


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