Saturday, March 15, 2003

Well, the soap sack is done. I spent my morning running to Kohl's, Walmart and the bank. Then on to the mall to hear my niece sing. Then my sister tells me she is also in the fashion show so I stay there until about 10 of 2. Got there around 11:45. I didn't realize standing around would be so tiring but I guess there was also all that running around beforehand. Then I went on a search of 3 stores (2 at the mall) to find FCEK, no luck. Then on the the Wonder Bread outlet and an ice cream shop and home. Then my sister called and I got to watch my nephew while she went out to eat with the girl scouts. Tomorrow I will have to search for my homework list for my class at the end of the month. I know I have no homework but I have to find the supply list that is on the paperwork. I can't remember what it said and I hope I put it somewhere safe or it will be a long day.


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